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Goudie et al., 2002
Moisture in deserts
Viles & Goudie, 2013
Moisture sources of the Namib
Goudie & Viles, 2015
Weathering on Namib plains - marble and granite
Viles, 2011
Importance of weathering:
Production of individual landforms
Contribution to overall denudation rates
Peltier, 1950
Cold desert weathering
Leopold et al., 1964
Threshold value of minimum precipitation for deserts?
Puente et al., 2004
Root colonisation and weathering of igneous rock
Puente et al., 2009
Bacteria linked with cactus forms organic acid
Yatsu, 1988
2 degrees/min threshold for thermal stress fractures
McKay et al., 2009
Data sets from Atacama, Lake Fryxll and Beacon Valley, Antarctica.
Temps often exceeded rate of 2 degrees/min but rapid fluctuations can cause immediate failure
McKay & Friedsmann, 1985
Data at 20s intervals in Dry Valleys of Antarctica. Concluded that rapid cooling was due to Antarctic winds.
Eppes et al., 2010
Formation of cracks in desert pavements
Rodriguez-Navarro et al., 1999
McBride & Pikard, 2000
Subsurface water flows at Crystal Peak, Utah. Experiences self-organisation and precipitates calcite at the surface in regular patterns
Turkington & Phillips, 2004
Cavernous weathering on sandstone in Valley of Fire, Nevada. Is self-organisational response to dynamical instability within the weathering system
Huinink et al., 2004
Areas where drying rate is slowest = aggressive weathering. Modelled the effects.
Lewin, 1982
Model for understanding why salt crystallisation occurs as efflorescence on the surface of suck rocks
Viles & Goudie, 2007
Salt weathering in the Namib
Schumm, 1991
Convergence, divergence and multiplicity
Aref et al., 2002
Quattara Depression, Egypt. Shapes the landscape - denudation rate = 9cm/1000yrs.
Viles & Goudie, 2004
Monitored weathering rates at different places round a coastal pan in Namibia. Different rocks have different reactions and it is hard to find a common metric.
McFadden et al., 2005
Insolation weathering - insolation and cracking of pavements and boulders
Dorn, 2003
Effect of fire on cracking
Hall et al., 2012
Weathering is an out-dated term - rock breakdown/rock decay more suitable
Smith & Warke, 1996
Issues with changing the scale of the process
Robin & Moses, 2011
Forget that weathering can temporarily harden rock surfaces
Duguet et al., 2015
Jenny, 1941
Pope et al., 2005
Need to look at a wider range of factors than described by CLORPT
Paradise, 2013
Looking after our own buildings and cultural heritage
Warke, 2007
Rocks have a 'weathering history'
Smith et al., 2005
Access to deserts has been difficult
Moore et al., 2014
Many new methods for measuring rates of weathering