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Miller & Tegen, 1998
Reduction in SW and absorption of LW radiation
Ansmann et al., 2008
Interaction with cloud microphysics - cloud glaciation
Rosenfeld et al., 2001
Suppression of rainfall
Evan et al., 2006
Modification of tropical storms
Jickells et al., 2006
CO2 drawdown affecting ocean fertilisation
Koren et al., 2006
Long distance nutrient transport (to the Amazon). Amazon gets 40% of nutrients from Bodele
Prospero et al., 2008
Human health and land use
Okin et al., 2004
Without dust to move nutrients around, much of the earth would be infertile - phosphorus
Gill, 1996
Reactivation of basins (as a result of anthropological disturbance) results in aeolian transport which has major impacts on health
Krasnov et al., 2015
80% of PM2.5s can infiltrate indoors during a dust event
O'Hara et al., 2000
Topographic sinks collect pollutants as a result of agriculture
Goossens & Buck, 2009
Breaking up stable surfaces with off road driving
Frazer, 2003
564kg km/1 in 1 year for 1 vehicle used daily
Bullard et al., 2008
Lake Eyre dust emissions from different sources analysed with MODIS data, 2003-6.
37% from aeolian deposits, 30% from alluvial deposits and 29% from ephemeral lakes/playas.
Supply-limited system
Reynolds et al., 2007
Near surface ground water and salinity produced cms of loose material to be deflated
Wang et al., 2006
Stone pavements - stones can't be eroded, but the dust underneath can if it is uncovered.
Gillette et al., 2008
Saltation activity breaks up wind-resistance playa crusts
Nield et al., 2015
Use of TLS in the Mkgadikgadik Basin, Botswana to show that surface changes considerably over weeks/months/a year.
Ridge thrusting = >30mm/week. This increases aerodynamic roughness.
Bryant, 2013
The way the dust is emitted has direct implications for climate models.
Darmenova et al., 2006
Much of the representation of dust in the atmosphere is in error