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Aeolian hazards


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Al-Harthi, 2002
Dunes = hazard to roads and surrounding construction/buildings.
1-2m dunes can move up to 75m/yr
Vermeesch & Drake, 2008
Long term movement of Barchans in the Bodele by remote sensing.
Sand flux at dune crest = >200m3/yr
Contributes to the total sand flux of area.
Heveher, 2010
High-energy sand movement in open deserts in Egypt affects infrastructure
Worster, 1979
Dust Bowl
Hornbeck, 2009
Dust Bowl: total capitalised agricultural loss of $133m in 1930s dollars ($1.9bn today)
Pointing & Belnap, 2010
Truly global issue
Stuut & Prins, 2015
Dust particle size, <2microm to >10microm
Prospero et al., 2009
Health and asthma in the Caribbean
Wiggs & Holmes, 2011
S/A Free State: decline in rainfall, increase in variability, increase in dust quantities mobilised b/w Sept and Oct.
CC has a potentially huge effect
Clausnitzer & Singer, 2000
California: respirable dust from agricultural operations. RD decreases as soil water increases b/w 2-14% and increases as air temp increases
Cook et al., 2009
Dust Bowl didn't fit with the modelled effects of El Nino - GCMs do show a drought in the 30s, but one that originated in the SW with no warming in the middle of the continent. Human effect must have been significant
Micklin, 2007
Aral Sea separated into small and large sea in 1987-9
Goudie, 2014
Aral basin had fertilisers, pesticides and near a nuclear testing site.
Zhang et al., 2015
Trajectories of saltating particles behind a porous fence
Dong et al., 2006
Most effective - porosities of 0.3-0.6 have max threshold wind velocities and effective distance shelter
Grafals-Soto & Nordstrom, 2009
Fences can change the vegitative and biological characteristics of an area w/o intention
Lihui et al., 2015
Checkerboard size needs to be varied with conditions
Yang et al., 2007
Sand fixing agents used to glue sand together and form a crust
Han et al., 2007
Chemical sprays tested in wind tunnels. Erosion rate b/w 0 and 4gh/100cm at winds up to 25m/s.
Thick elastic crust with good infiltration
Wysock-Czubasek & Czubasek, 2014
Conservation tillage
Li et al., 2003
Chinese Baotou-Lanzhou Railway, Inner Mongolia. Built it, but had to build a 16km veg protection system to keep the sand out
Lal et al., 2011
Conflict surrounding the building of infrastructure - do we use/develop and then mitigate, or repair the damage before we start