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Bio quiz review

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The largest unit within which gene flow can readily occur is a..
According to the punctuated equilibria model..
Most new species accumulate their unique features relatively rapidly as they come into existence, then change little for the rest of their duration as a species.
When they talk about birds and yellow dumped warbler..
The two forms interbreed often in nature, and their offspring have good survival and reproduction.
Which of the following factors would not contribute to allopatric speciation?
gene flow between the two populations is extensive.
Plant species A has a diploid number of 12..
Suppose a group of male pied flycatchers migrated from a region..
the frequency of hybrid offspring would decrease.
Genetic variation in bacterial populations cannot result from..
Photoautotrophs use..
light as energy source and CO2 as a carbon source.
Which of the following statements is not true?
Only bacteria have histones associated with DNA.
Which of the following involves metabolic cooperation among prokaryotic cells?
Bacteria perform the following ecological roles. Which role typically does not involve symbiosis?
Plant like photosynthesis that releases 02 occurs in..
Which of the following is not evidence that charophytes are the closest algal relatives of plants?
the present of chloroplasts.
Which of the following characteristics of plants is absent in their closest relatives, the charophyte algae?
alternation of multicellular generations.
In plants, which of the following are produced by meiosis?
haploid spores.
Microphylls are found in which plant group?
Which of the following is a land plant that has flagellated sperm and a sporophyte-dominated life cycle?
Where in an angiosperm would you find a megasporangium?
within an ovule contained within an ovary of a flower.
A fruit is most commonly..
a mature ovary.
With respect to angiosperms, which of the following is incorrectly paired with its chromosome count?
Which of the following is not a characteristic that distinguishes gymnosperms and angiosperms from other plants?
alternation of generations.
Gymnosperms and angiosperms have the following in common except