Quiz 3

a long axon
Neurons are able to communicate over relatively great distances within the body because they have ______
Electrical wires are generally protected by a coating of plastic. A similar insulating function is performed in the nervous system by ________.
changes from negative to positive
As an action potential occurs, the neuron's electrical charge
GABA; an excitatory neurotransmitter inhibited by alcohol
Which neurotransmitter is incorrectly described?
dopamine; facilitates learning
Which neurotransmitter is CORRECTLY matched with a psychological function?
Yves has been drinking. He has difficulty walking a straight line when asked to do so by a police officer. Apparently, Yves' _________ is functioning poorly
Pizza! Beer! Sex! Our motivation or drive for such things is based in part on the activity of the brain region known as the ________.
Darnell underwent surgery to control his severe epilepsy. Now, however, Darnell cannot form new memories of his experiences, although he does remember events in the past. Most likely, the surgery destroyed a portion of the ______ in Darnell's brain.
Your text suggests that the correlation between intelligence and the ratio of brain weight to body weight is probably ____.
frontal --> temporal and parietal --> occipital
If Gina is standing facing toward you, which of the following sequences correctly orders the lobes of her cortex, from the region that is closest to you to the region that is farthest away from you?
Balancing her checkbook.
Kate has suffered right-hemisphere damage. Which of the following processes is LEAST likely to be affected?
transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
Marisol is trying a new treatment for severe depression. Brief pulses are sent through her brain. Marisol is undergoing _______.
The brain and the spinal cord constitute the _________ nervous system
adrenal; noradrenalin
Erin is under stress: She has only a few minutes to make a connection at a large, busy airport - and the gate is in another terminal! Erin's ______ gland is releasing high levels of the hormone ______
Macrae et al. (2002) found that women better process male faces on days of their menstrual cycle associated with a high risk of conception than on days associated with a low risk of conception. This result is most consistent with the _______ perspective in psychology.
biological; biological and a circadian
The menstrual cycle is an example of a _________ rhythm. The sleep-wake cycle is an example of a ___________ rhythm
about 1 and 1/2 hours
How long is a typical sleep cycle, in which a sleeper progresses through some or all of the sleep stages?
Adults spend about ______% of their sleep in REM sleep.
Stage N3
The deepest level of sleep is
difficulty breathing during sleep
Which of the following defines sleep apnea?