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  1. erudite
  2. propensity
  3. transgress
  4. sleazy
  5. contrive
  1. a n. a natural inclination
  2. b v. to go beyond a limit or boundary; to violate a law
  3. c adj. scholarly
  4. d v. to plan with ingenuity
  5. e adj. ethically low

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  1. n. one who rises against authority adj. rising in revolt
  2. n. one having power to decide a matter
  3. v. to free from entanglements or difficulties
  4. adj. smuggled goods
  5. n. a chain v. to chain or shackle

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  1. caveatv. to persuade through flattery or artifice


  2. gossameradj. thin, light
    n. thin, light cloth


  3. castigatev. to free from entanglements or difficulties


  4. sepulchraladj. funereal


  5. addendumn. an addition usually in the form of a contract