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  1. infer
  2. erudite
  3. disabuse
  4. filch
  5. unwieldy
  1. a v. to steal in a sneaky way
  2. b v. to free from deception/illusion
  3. c adj. scholarly
  4. d v. to imply
  5. e adj. not easily carried, handled, or managed

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  1. adj. self-evident
  2. n. self-government
  3. adj. fair
  4. adj. extremely strange
  5. n. a leader who exploits popular prejudices in order to gain power

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  1. immutableadj. no subject to change


  2. gossamern. one having power to decide a matter


  3. affableadj. courteous and pleasant


  4. transmutev. to change from one nature to another


  5. repudiateadj. scholarly