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  1. insular
  2. querulous
  3. precept
  4. retrench
  5. blazon
  1. a n. a rule of conduct or action
  2. b adj. complaining
  3. c v. to reduce in scope and cost
  4. d adj. narrow or isolated in outlook
  5. e v. to display conspicuously

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  1. n. distinctive air or personal quality
  2. adj. self-evident
  3. n. a position requiring little or no work; an easy job
  4. adj. troublesome; unruly
  5. n. one having power to decide a matter

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  1. addendumn. an addition usually in the form of a contract


  2. vapidadj. dull


  3. bizarreadj. extremely strange


  4. straitlacedadj. extremely strict


  5. surreptitiousadj. stealthy, secret