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  1. aspersion
  2. bizarre
  3. megalomania
  4. scourge
  5. heinous
  1. a v. to whip n. a source of severe punishment
  2. b n. a delusion of power, wealth, talent, etc.
  3. c n. a damaging statement
  4. d adj. extremely strange
  5. e adj. wicked

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  1. v. to predict
  2. n. a warning
  3. adj. beneficial, helpful
  4. adj. self-evident
  5. adj. experienced by one person in place of another

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  1. immutableadj. no subject to change


  2. demagoguev. to persuade through flattery or artifice


  3. addendumn. an addition usually in the form of a contract


  4. insurgentn. one who rises against authority adj. rising in revolt


  5. brusqueadj. scholarly