50 terms

chapters 1 and 2

One function of the kernel is managing use of the computer's RAM.
Which of the following was the first widely used multiuser, multitasking OS?
Which of the following is NOT a task performed by the computer's BIOS?
manages random access memory
If you need to change certain aspects of the way your computer boots, which of the following components would you configure?
You need to set up a new network with 15 workstations. You must provide access to network services for all 15 stations simultaneously and you have been told to use Active Directory in this network. Which OS should you use?
Windows 2000 Server
Code that exchanges information with specific hardware devices is referred to as which of the following?
device driver
Mac OS X allows multiple users to access the OS in their own workspaces.
You have a network of 175 workstations, 5 servers, and 12 printers. You want to be able to maintain enterprise-wide control of your network printers from one location. What new tool in Windows Server 2003 R2 can help you do that?
Print Management Console
The first true 32-bit operating system developed by Microsoft was Windows 3.1.
From which OS did Windows XP evolve?
Windows 2000
Which of the following will be launched automatically if Vista detects a problem while booting the system?
Startup Repair Tool
You are the administrator for a company that has users that must access the network remotely on a regular basis. You want the remote connection to be secure and as easy as possible to set up for your users. What new feature found in Windows Server 2008 R2 along with Windows 7 can you use to accomplish this?
You're running several Windows Server 2003 R2 servers. You re considering purchasing an application that requires user authentication and authorization. You want to be able to manage your user accounts through a single database that will work both for centralized logon and for this application. What feature should you consider using?
Most modern operating systems use cooperative multitasking.
What type of computer is most likely to be used for graphical design and film design and animation?
high-end workstation
Windows 98 was the first Windows OS to use the Kerberos security system.
What feature in Windows 7 uses flash memory to supplement RAM?
You have created a number of different documents using several applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These files are located in different folders on your hard drive. You want to be able to access these folders from a single location without actually moving them from their current location. What feature of Windows Vista can you use?
virtual folders
A word processor is best described as which type of operating system element?
application software
You have installed a new network adaptor in your computer and reboot the OS. You go to check the settings of the network adaptor but you cannot find the device in Windows. What is the most likely problem?
bad or missing device driver
Which of the following features was first available in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP?
64-bit Itanium support
Which of the following can be described as client/server computing coupled with the Internet?
cloud computing
You want to implement a system that hosts scalable Web-based applications accessible through a Web browser. This system should be available only to your company but the resources should be made available through a third-party. What type of system should you use?
hosted private cloud
File Server Resource Manager offers which of the following features?
quota management
Which of the following is a job typically performed by the kernel?
managing CPU interactions
A single device driver typically communicates with several different hardware devices.
You're an administrator for a network with 6 Windows Server 2003 R2 servers. You maintain shared files on four of those servers and your users frequently get confused as to which server holds which share. You want to simplify access to the shares on these servers. What feature can you use?
Which of the following accurately describes preemptive multitasking?
The OS controls when an application can use the CPU
Which of the following OSs was the first to offer true 32-bit functionality?
Windows 95
Windows 95 used cooperative multitasking for 16-bit applications and preemptive multitasking for 32-bit applications.
If you suspect that a Windows problem is related to the database that stores hardware and software configuration information, which Windows component should you investigate?
I/O functions let programs communicate with the computer hardware.
Which of the following does NOT require a device driver to be installed in the OS?
installing more RAM
You want to be able to take advantage of the new Server Core feature. You have both 32-bit and 64-bit computers you want to install Server Core on. Which Windows OS should you purchase?
Windows Server 2008
If you are a bank manage and have thousands of transactions to process in which no user interaction is required, which type of computer are you most likely to use?
Which of the following is NOT a feature first introduced in Windows 2000?
user accounts and passwords
Which new feature in Windows Server 2008 allows you to run multiple independent operating systems on a single physical server?
What component of a Linux/Unix OS functions similar to a MS-DOS command prompt?
The advanced firewall in Windows Vista monitors incoming communications only.
Which of the following is least concerned with a computer's specific hardware configuration?
You are testing out a new multitasking operating system. In your testing, you find that some applications are not getting sufficient CPU time while others are getting more than necessary. Which component is likely to be the cause of this problem?
Which of the following can be described as program code that acts as a specialized hook into the operating system?
Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Windows NT security model?
all network data is encrypted
Which of the following features differentiated Windows NT from Windows 95/98?
Windows NT's kernel ran in privileged mode
Which Windows Vista feature protects the registry and specific folders so that their contents are only available to a specific user?
The core of an operating system is referred to as the CPU.
You are planning to buy a new server that will act as the server portion of a client/server application. A colleague of yours makes some suggestions for the server's OS. Which of the following suggestions are you least likely to adopt?
Windows 7
Which OS is commonly used as both a desktop OS and for multiuser server applications?
Which of the following is NOT an I/O task performed by the OS?
executes program instructions
If your computing environment requires that some processing of your application takes place on a server and some of it takes place on a PC-class computer, what type of system are you using?
client/server system