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The 3 steps to DNA replication

What is the 1st step of DNA replication?
The double helix must "unwind"
What must be broken that is between the nitrogenous bases?
hydrogen bases
DNA helicase-
enzyme that seperates or "unzips" DNA
place where DNA splits?
replication fork
What is the 2nd step of DNA replication?
nucleotides must be added in the correct order to create a complentary strand
enzyme that adds RNA primers so nucleotides can be attached
DNA polymerase-
enzyme that adds nucleotides (and proof reads, and replaces RNA primers with DNA nucleotides)
DNA polymerase can only read DNA in the ________ direction
3' --> 5'
it synthesizes a new complementary strand ____
'5 --> 3'
What is the 3rd step of DNA replication?
new strand must be sealed up
DNA ligase-
enzyme that seals the phosphate-sugar backbone of DNA together
what was the problem that okazaki solved?
DNA polymerase can only read DNA in the 3' --> 5' direction, it synthesizes a new complementary strand '5 --> 3'
The _____________ proceeds without difficulty because DNA polymerase can read it
leading strand
The _____________ must proceed in chunks, called okazaki fragments
lagging strand
prokaryote DNA replication-
DNA replication starts in 1 place continues in 2 different directions until the chromosome is copied
What is a chromosome also called?
Eukaryote DNA replication-
DNA replication occurs at many places at the same time