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What is the 1st step of DNA replication?

The double helix must "unwind"

What must be broken that is between the nitrogenous bases?

hydrogen bases

DNA helicase-

enzyme that seperates or "unzips" DNA

place where DNA splits?

replication fork

What is the 2nd step of DNA replication?

nucleotides must be added in the correct order to create a complentary strand


enzyme that adds RNA primers so nucleotides can be attached

DNA polymerase-

enzyme that adds nucleotides (and proof reads, and replaces RNA primers with DNA nucleotides)

DNA polymerase can only read DNA in the ________ direction

3' --> 5'

it synthesizes a new complementary strand ____

'5 --> 3'

What is the 3rd step of DNA replication?

new strand must be sealed up

DNA ligase-

enzyme that seals the phosphate-sugar backbone of DNA together

what was the problem that okazaki solved?

DNA polymerase can only read DNA in the 3' --> 5' direction, it synthesizes a new complementary strand '5 --> 3'

The _____________ proceeds without difficulty because DNA polymerase can read it

leading strand

The _____________ must proceed in chunks, called okazaki fragments

lagging strand

prokaryote DNA replication-

DNA replication starts in 1 place continues in 2 different directions until the chromosome is copied

What is a chromosome also called?


Eukaryote DNA replication-

DNA replication occurs at many places at the same time

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