Hip Powerpoint 1

coxofemoral joint
(hip joint) is found between the pelvis and the femur
iliofemoral ligament
Prevents hyperextension of the hip joint during standing by screwing the femoral head into the acetabulum
pubofemoral ligament
Located inferior to iliofemoral ligament; Also reinforces the anterior capsule
limits extension and medial rotation (posteriorly)
inguinal ligament
ligament extending from pubic bone to anterior superior iliac spine, forming lower border of abdomen
femoral triangle
adductor longus,sartorius and inguinal ligament. Also houses femoral n., v., a.
trochanteric bursa
separates gluteus maximus and ITB from greater trochanter, common site for friction bursitis
gluteofemoral bursa
lies between the gluteus maximus & the vastus lateralis.
ischial bursa
Seperates inferior part of gluteus maximus from ishial tuberosity; often absent
iliopsoas bursa
positioned between iliopsoas and the articular capsule, serving to reduce the friction between these structures.
Lumbral and sacral plexus
hip flexors and knee extensor
femoral nerve motor
hip add. and obturator externus
obturator nerve motor
piriformis, obturator internus, gemellis, quadratus femoris
nerve named by muscle
glut minimus/medius
superior gluteal nerve motor
gluteus max
inferior gluteal nerve
female triad
disordered eating, amenorrhea, osteoporosis
Sports hernia
increase pain with bowel movement or coughing and anterior pain ininguinal region presents a _____ _______
Gluteus medius involvment
lateral hip pain, pain during loading response and midstance
gluteus maximus/hamstrings
posterior pain with pushing off during spring
angle>20 degrees: results of internal femoral rotation, squinting patella, and toed in gait
angle of torsion < 15 degrees: results in external femoral rotation, toed out gait
hip pointers
iliac crest contusions
hip pointers management
removal from competition, stretching as tolerated; pad injured area
muscle strains
usually secondary to overloading during eccentric muscle contraction