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crucnhtime/net-chef overview
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crucnhtime/net-chef overview
purpose of this interactive recipe software is for food service personnel to manage recipes, menus, and the nutrition
recipes can be found in three ways on a recipe card
KAC keyword, attributes, and components
three purposes of recipe cards
consistency, pricing, and instructions
if computer malfunctions during normal daily operations
dont contact IT and fill out AF form 79
AF form 1038
food service evaluation record used as a measuring device
any one may use the
AF form 1038
each category has a maximum rating that when combined
will determine an overall rating from poor to outstanding
Food service officer uses the AF 1038
all subsistence must be inspected (food and bev)
1. visually check for damage
2.check the expiration date
3. check the quantity
if subsistence does not meet air force standards you can
reject it
rejection process step 1
inspect damages, quantity, and expiration date
rejection process step 2
make decision to reject
rejection process step 3
verify decision with storeroom manager
rejection process step 4
return and make sure rejected items and properly annotated on receipt
Prime Vender
DLA troop support