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New Deal Programs

Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act
1933, created FDIC, Relief/Recovery/Reform
CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp)
1933, Hired 3 million young men to work in government parks. Most popular New Deal program, Relief/Recovery
FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Act)
1933, First step in program of relief in beginning of New Deal. Gave money to businesses to hire people. Headed by Hopkins. Relief/Recovery
AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act)
1933, Restricted agricultural production by paying farmers not to farm part of their land and kill of some of their livestock. Relief/Recovery
WPA (Works Progress Administration)
1935, Designed to create jobs and improve America. Headed by Hopkins. Relief/Recovery
NRA (National Recovery Administration)
1933, Assisted industry, labor and the unemployed. Most intricate of New Deal policies. Ruled unconstitutional by Supreme Court. Recovery
PWA (Public Works Administration)
1933, to reduce unemployment, increase purchases, power through advances of hospitals, schools, post offices, bridges, and dams. Headed by Harold Ickes
Resettlement Administration
1935, moved farmless farmers to better lands from dust bowl. Relief/Recovery
Indian Reorganization Act (Indian New Deal)
1934, encouraged tribes to establish their own government to preserve native traditions, Reform
Federal Securities Act
1933, regulated the sale of securities intended to insure accurate info to buyers stock, Reform
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
1933, maintain public confidence int banks by insuring deposits up to $5,000. Reform. Still in existence today.
SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
1934, To protect investors; maintain fair and efficient trade markets and facilitate Capital reform. supervise stock and prevent dishonest practices. Reform, still in existence today.
TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)
1933,to create oppurtunity, by electrictity in Tennessee River Valley. A threat to private electrical companies. Most radical New Deal program. Relief/Recovery/Reform. Still exists today.
FHA (Federal Housing Administration)
1934, to provide mortgage insurance. approved lenders in U.S.; insured loans. Relief/Recovery/Reform. Still exists today.
SSA (Social Securities Act)
1935, provided federal and state employment insurance, old age pensions, helped handicapped. Reform, still exists today.
National Labor Relations Act
1935, protected employees/employers rights; gave unions collective bargaining rights. A.K.A. Wagner Act. Relief/Recovery/Reform.