22 terms

English vocab list 2

guttered (definition)
furrowed, jagged
omit (definition)
renounce, leave out
mortal (definition)
lethal, deadly
assay (definition)
pate (definition)
collied (definition)
blackened (with coal)
pestilence (definition)
repeatedly solicits
billeted (definition)
dotes (definition)
adores (with a hint of foolishness)
haggard (definition)
edified (definition)
guttered (example)
He fell off the cliff onto the guttered rocks on the coast of Maine.
omit (example)
The good child was omitted from Santa's naughty list.
mortal (example)
Voldemort's snake was mortally wounded by the sword of Gryffindor.
assay (example)
He assays the cells for genetic mutations.
pate (example)
Mr. Curtiss has a bald pate.
collied (example)
Santa's suit was collied after diving down chimneys all night.
pestilence (example)
Jehovah's witnesses are often viewed as a pestilent group.
billeted (example)
The traveler asked where he might find his billet for the night.
dotes (example)
The little girl doted on her new hamster.
haggard (example)
Hagrid's beard makes him look haggard.
edified (example)
Mr. Newberry edified the students in the ways of awesome writing.