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  1. -International economic institutions
    - Expansion of International trade
    -Technological revelation and financial integration.
  2. - The expansion of International trade
    - Cross-boarder moments of production
    - increase of transnational finnancial flows
    The benefits of this type of globalization are development of capital.
  3. FDI differs from Portfolio investment which involves investment solely to gain capital appreciation through market fluctuations

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  1. GlobalismThe view of the world as a whole a single unit with many commonalities and connections across political ideology/identity. creating maintaining hegemony through cultural powers.


  2. Marxist approachPolitics are determined by economic relations, Structural divisions between global north and south, Main actors economic classes and states (north and south)


  3. Examples of Trade barriers1 Quotas- set amount of limited imports
    2. Technical restrictions- limit stuff ( exmaple. environmental protection)
    3. Administrative restrictions- not totally capitalized (Russia, china)
    4. Trade supports subsides= support domestic products