RT273: Ch. 14 key terms

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two dimensional breast imaging began in 1924
three dimensional breast imaging began in 2011
Combo mode
when both 2D and 3D images are taken in one exposure/compression
Lossless Compression
data compression algorithm that allows the original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data in PACS
Modality-specific training
MQSA demands technologists to have an 8hr training prior to performing DBT exams
Different "angles" imaged of the same breast
computer takes each individual exposure and turns it into a "movie" for the radiologist to read
Synthesized 2D image
DBT computer collapses data from the reconstruction process to create a 2D image.
Breast tissue sitting "on top" of each other making it difficult to detect cancer or any abnormalities
Three-dimensional x-ray imaging technique for detection of breast cancer (DBT)