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SP point functions for Points 3 at PCOM-SD.

SP 1

regulates SP, stops bleeding, calms the mind, clears heat

SP 2

regulates SP, resolves dampness, clears heat, calms the mind

SP 3

strengthens SP, stimulates Intellect (Yi), resolves dampness, regulates the Intestines, strenthens the spinal muscles

SP 4

harmonizes the Middle Jiao, regulates the Intestines, regulates the Chong Mai, calms the mind & opens the mind's orifices, stops bleeding, regulates menstruation, benefits the feet & toes

SP 5

strengthens SP, regulates the intestines, resolves dampness, benefits the sinews & joints, calms the mind & opens the mind's orifices

SP 6

strengthens SP & resolves dampness, promotes the function of LV and the smooth flow of LV Qi, tonifies KI & nourishes Blood & Yin, benefits urination, regulates the uterus & menstruation, moves blood & eliminates stasis, cools blood, stops pain, calms the mind

SP 8

harmonizes SP & resolves dampness, regulates Qi&Blood, regulates the uterus, removes obstructions from the channel, stops pain, stops bleeding

SP 9

regulates SP, resolves dampness, opens the water passages, benefits the Lower Jiao, benefits the urination

SP 10

cools blood, invigorates blood & eliminates stasis, stops bleeding, regulates menstruation, nourishes blood, subdues rebellious qi

SP 15

strengthen SP, strengthen limps, regulates qi, resolves dampness, benefits LI

SP 21

invigorates blood in the Blood Connecting channels, benefits the sinews, regulates qi in the chest

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