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What is the most contributing factor to rape?


How do STD's enter the body?

Through skin or mucus membranes

When was the place for women to be in the home where she is pure and domestic?

Victoria Era

When did abortion become legal?

Decade of Women, 1970's

When did loss of sacredness of sexuality happen?

ONline, Cyberspace, AIDS, MTV era

When was a nuclear family common and the first real teenage era emerges?

Post war, Baby Boom 1945-1960

When did the birth control pill come to the market?

Change in the winds '60s

When was the Rose the Riveter?


What is the process that produces a sperm cell or an egg cell called?


What does the SRY gene on the Y chromosome do?

SIgnal the development of male characteristics in the 6th week of development.

What is the Catholic church's teachings based on?

A respect for the dignity of all persons.

What is the catholic church's very on artificial birth control?

They oppose artificial child birth because it stops life creation.

What is the catholic church's view on sanctity of life?

All life must be protected.

What is the roller coaster story? Who said it?

Grandma says this, meaning: that it can be very frightening when it is going on but that at the end it was worth it and you get a lot more out of it then taking the simple ride, the merry go round, with no ups and downs. With the ups and downs it is much more exciting and worth it with what you get out of it.

What is teaching of Rabbi Shelley?

Love is an action, not an emotion, what we do whether you love someone or not, two key points to a successful marriage: listening and truthfulness. Parents overreact about other fears.

Vacuum Aspiration

A method of abortion that uses a suction procedure.

Mifepristone RU486

Abortion pill.

D & C Dilation and Curettage

A method of abortion in which the uterus us scraped and emptied.

D & E Dilation and Evacuation

A method of abortion that combines vacuum aspiration and curettage.

Saline Injection

sell fetal organs for medical facilities, dilation over two days, using tool pulls everything but head, pulls out through vagina, cuts back, takes out organs for research, suctions out brain to make it easier to remove from vagina. Done in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

D & X Dilation and Evacuation (Only in video)

needle inject salt poisoning into amniotic fluid, baby swallows solution, dies within two hours of dehydration. Risks: Salt and water intoxication, rarely used. Dissolves skin of fetus. Done in 2nd and 3rd trimesters.
Risks of abortion

Sexual exploitation

Using sexuality to benefit oneself in some way, exploit means take advantage of and devalue)

Sexual Harrassment

unwelcomed or unwanted sexual advances, requestes for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical sexual conduct

Sexual Asault

illegally, any forced sexual behavior


any forced sexual intercourse without the victims consent.

Stranger Rape

rape when the victim does not know the rapist

Acquaintance Rape

rape when the victim knows the rapist

Date Rape

alcohol and drugs affect this, miscommunication

Marital Rape

spouse must respect choice, says no, rape


sex between family members, with consent or not

Statutory Rape

The legal term for sexual intercourse where one party in under the age of eighteen, even if one wants to, can't make the decision, under age.

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