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Which region is not considered to be a region where cyclogenesis often


The development or strengthening of a middle latitude storm system is


According to the model of the life cycle of a wave cyclone, the storm
system is normally most intense

when the system first becomes occluded.

On a surface weather map that shows an open wave cyclone the warm sector
can be observed

ahead of an advancing cold front.

Atmospheric shortwaves usually move at what speed and what length compared
to longwaves

west to east, faster.

If the outflow of air around a surface high pressure area is greater than
the convergence of air aloft, you would observe

a decrease in the central

Developing low pressure areas generally have

converging air near the
surface and diverging air aloft.

For a surface storm system to intensify, the upper-level low(or trough)
should be located

west of the surface low.

When an upper-level low lies directly above a surface low

the surface low
will probably weaken.

A surface low pressure area with deep upper-level trough to the west will
tend to move toward the


For cyclogenesis to occur along a frontal wave, the winds aloft directly
above the wave should be


List the sour regions in NA where mid-latitude cyclone tend to develop or

downwind of Canadian Rockies, Downwind of US Rockies, Gulf of
Mexico, Along East Coast.

What are northeasters

The air flow in advance of a Hatteras low will be
onshore due to counterclockwise flow.

What type of extreme cock do nor'easters bring to NE North America

air will carry moisture on mP air onshore and is often responsible for much
of the snowfall in the storm.

Why, without upper-level divergence, a surface open wave cyclone would
probably persist for less than a day

Air spirals into a surface low due to
the effect of friction on air flow. Unless divergence exists above the low
it will fill in quickly and dissipate.

Describe the weather conditions necessary for a blizzard to form over the
northern Great Plains

A blizzard implies strong winds hence the storm
requires a strong pressure gradient, which will occur when the central
pressure of the storm is exceptionally low. This can occurs when
exceptionally strong divergence occurs over the cyclone. To get a strong
divergence requires a strong jet stream, which, in turn, requires an
intense temperature gradient at the surface.

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