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Main Character; Doesn't like her name; Has hair that is lazy and doesn't obey barrettes or bands


Esperanza's little brother; Has hair like fur


Esperanza's brother; Has hair that doesn't need to be combed


Real name Magdalena; Has slippery hair; Esperanza's little sister


Esperanza's mother; Has hair like rosettes and that smells like bread; Loving


Esperanza's father; Has hair like a broom; Works a lot


Queen of cats; Used to live on Mango Street; Is "...the great great grand cousin of the queen of France."


The Baby-Grabber, Is dangerous


Husband of Blanca; Owns The Corner Store


Wife of Benny; Owns The Corner Store


Lives next to Esperanza; Ruthie's mother


Sold Esperanza, Rachel, and Lucy the bike for $5; Got Esperanza wet with an open fire hydrant


Is from Texas; Rachel's older sister; Esperanza and Nenny's friend


Born in Chicago; Lucy's little sister; Esperanza and Nenny's friend


Old black man who owns a junk store and has a music box


Juan Ortiz is his real name; lives in Cathy's old house; Broke both arms in a Tarzan Jumping Contest


T-shirts never tucked in; Has cousins; Puerto Rican


Louie's Cousin; Sells makeup; Puerto Rican

Louie's Cousin

Stole and crashed a yellow Cadillac; Got arrested


The baby's brother; Has a crooked eye

Eddie V

Tall; Has a straw brim; Rosa's son

Fat Boy

Dumb grown man; Not fat or a boy anymore

Rosa Vargas

Has too many kids; Mother of the Vargas kids


Goes to college; Her mother is dead; Sees mice; Has to cook and clean for her father


Stupid; May have some mental or social disorder; Saw God in the clouds

Family of Little Feet

The mom gave the girls shoes; There is a Grandpa with feet like thick tamales; A Grandma with feet like pink pearls; A baby with see through salamander feet; A Mother with plump and polite feet

Bum Man

An old drunk; Tried to pay Rachel a dollar to kiss him


Nenny's friend; Nenny watches cartoons on their color TV and eats lunch at their house every day

Sister Superior

Head of Esperanza's Catholic school; A nun

Uncle Nacho

Esperanza's Uncle; Tried to cheer her up by asking her to dance

Aunt Lala

Got Esperanza her first job at Peter Pan Photo Finishers

Oriental Man

Works/Worked at Peter Pan Photo Finishers; Said it was his birthday and kissed Esperanza on the lips


Esperanza's grandpa; Papa's father; died

Aunt Lupe

Esperanza's Aunt; Used to be a swimmer; Got ill (Polio); Told Esperanza to continue writing; died

Totchy and Frank

Aunt Lupe's kids


"A witch woman"; A fortune teller; Told Esperanza she wouldn't find a physical home but home is where the heart is


Died in a car accident; Danced with Marin at a dance


Edna's daughter; Sees lovely things in life; Seems to get distracted and be forgetful


One of the Vargas kids; Tried to fly and died from jumping off a roof


Lives in Edna's basement; Is from Tennessee; Has a 'wife' who they "never agree on what she looks like"


Looks at Esperanza; Boyfriend of Lois; "He is a punk"


Girlfriend of Sire; Can't tie her shoes; Smells like baby's skin

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