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World History Exam

Louis Pastuer
French chemist_______ showed that tiny germs could cause disease
Guglielmo Marconi
In 1901, Italian pioneer_____ invented the radio
Women's Suffrage
The_______ movement wanted to expand voting right
Standard of Living
Industrialization made a wide variety of product available at lower prices causing the overall_____ or worker to rise
Alfred Nobel
The fortune______ made from his invention of dynamite funded prizes that are still awarded today
Claude Monet
Impressionist painter_________ relied on the viewer eye to mix point stokes into patches of color
German compose_____ took full advantage of the broad range instrument in the modern orchestra
Bankers and merchants were members of the_____, or French middle class
Olympe de Gouges
During the French Revolution____ was executed for demanding equal right for woman
Urban Renewal
City planners in Europe used some of the wealth from industrialization for_____ or rebuilding poor overs of the city
Temperance Movement
Reformers in the worked to limit or ban the use of alcoholic beverages
To raise many from investors, corporation sell____, or shares of ownership in the business
Continental System
Napoleon tried to defeat the British by using the______, a strategy of closing European ports to British goods
Each time Napoleon held a_____ during his rise to power, the voters the voters strongly supported him
Guerrilla Warfare
Spanish patriot used_____, or hit and run raids to resist French rule
Napoleonic Code
The laws of the_____ included many Enlightenment ideas
Marquis de Lafayette
The moderate revolutionary leader______ fought alongside George Washington hand head of the French National Guard
Radical revolutionary_____ was a leader of the Reign of Terror
Ancien Regime
The old order in which France was divided into three social classes was called the________
During the Reign of Terror condemned people were beheaded using the_______
When a Protestant group broke away from the Catholic Church, it became a religious______
Niccolo Machiavalli
In his The Prince_____ wrote a guided to ruler on how to gain and keep power
The government run by church leaders in Genevra in 1541 was a______
Nicolaus Copernicus
The sun is at the center of the universe according to a theory of___
Leonardo de Vinci
Before airplanes were invented______ made sketches of flying machines
Isaac Newton
The scientist______ showed that gravity keeps planets in their orbits around the sun
Johann Gutenberg
A printing revolution began when_______ invented a printing press using movable type
Those who believe in____ think that God has already decide who will be saved
With the support of the Medici family the city-stayte of_____ produced many Renaissance artist and scholars
The northern Renaissance began in the thriving trading reign of______
Middle Passage
The______ was part of the triangular trade route during which African slaves were brought to the Americas
The Aztec emperor who ruled over the fabulous city of Tenochtitlan was________
People who take financial risks t o make money are_____
The Spanish who conquered the Americas were called________
Under a system called______ Native Americans were forced to work under brutal conditions
High officials called______________ ruled large colonial territories in the name of the monarch
The economic policy called______ was based on a nation exporting more goods than in imports
Hernan Cortes
In 1521, an expedition led by captured the treasure of the Aztecs
Jacques Cartier
The explorer______ claimed much of present-day eastern Canada for France
Pirates who operated with the approval of European government were_________
Divine Right
Many European monarchs believed in_______ or that their authority came directly from God
A______ consists of high-ranking government leaders who advise a head of state
Landowning Russian noble, or ____ opposed Peter the Great's attempts at westernization
The German princes who chose the Holy Romans emperor were called_____
King Henry IV passed laws to protect French Protestant who were called__________
The_____ of Poland divided Polish lands among Russian, Prussia and Austria
English Protestant who differed with the Church of England were known as______
El Greco
A Greek painter______ was a master of the Spanish style
During the Trinity Year's War roving armies killed without mercy.
Royal officials who carried out the policies of Louis XIV were called______
A_____ was an estate granted to a vassal by his lord
The people of______ created a thriving trade center in their capital Meroe
The_____ ruled much of Asia in the 1200s and 1300s
_____ was the center of the first Russian state
In the system of feudalism_____ were peasants bound to the land
A____ was a mounted warrior
_____ was the Byzantine emperor who collected the law of ancient Rome
Mansa Musa
The greatest emperor of Mali was____
The____ is everyday language of ordinary people
The_____ were the great warrior lords of Japan
Capitalist called____ take on the financial risk of staring and managing new business
Robert Owen
______ put his utopia idea into practice by setting up a model community in New Landmark Scotland
Jeremy Bentham
British philosopher and economist_____ believed in a utilitarian
Marx referred to the working class as the_____
The Industrial Revolution brought rapid_____ as people migrated to cities to find work
A business organization or_____ in areas such as shipping mining or factories helped fuel the Industrial Revolution
Travelers on a_ or private road often had to pay a fee for its use
A drug that prevents pain during surgery, called an______ was patented by an American dentist
Working-class families in cities typically lived in a_____ or multistory apartment building
James Watt
_______ improved the steam engine in the late 1700s helping to provide power for the Industrial Revolution
What was a major threat to the empire to Charles V?
Ottoman advancing across Europe
An important goal of Philip II of Spain was to
defend the Catholic Reformation
In 1598 the Edict of Nantes helped to ensure
that French Protestants would not be persecuted
What type was of government was created in england by the Glorious? Revolution?
limited monarchy
What was a result of the tready known as the Peace of Westphalia in 1648?
The Netherlands became part of the Hapsburg empire
What did Maria Theresa do to strengthen the Hapsburg empire?
She reorganized the Hapsburg bureaucracy
Peter the Great waged war against the Ottoman empire to
gain a warm-water port on the Black Sea
What was one important result of the Estates-General?
the National Assembly
What was the model for the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen?
the American Declaration of Independence
The National Assembly voted to pay off the huge government debt by selling lands owned by
the Church
In 1792, what form of government did the radicals create at the new National Convention?
a republic
Which nation was able to remain outside Napoleon's European empire?
What war tactic helped the Russians defeat Napoleon?
scorched-earth policy
Why did the Congress of Vienna redrew the national boundaries of Europe?
to create a balanced of power
The city of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under its leader
John Calvin
As a result of the Peace of Augburg in 1555
each German prince could decide the religion for his lands
Sir Thomas More was executed because he
would not accept Henry VIII as head of the Church in England
The pope set up the Council of Trent
direct the reform of the Catholic Church
What common subject of the northern Renaissance did Albrecht Durer's engravings portray
scenes of peasant life
Rene Descartes believed that the best way to learn truth was to use
In the 1600s, Robert Boyle's work transformed the field of
The first simple electrics motor and the first dynamo for generating electricity were both invented
Michael Faraday
What effect did the assembly line have on the cost goods?
It made the goods cheaper
What was a major reason for the population explosion in Europe between 1800 and 1900
Medical advances reduced the death rate
Which of the following phrase reflected the cult of demestricty?
"A man's home is his castle"
Normal School trained students to be
John Dalton develpoed modern atomic theory by showing that
each element has it own kind of atom
What theory applied the idea of natural selection to society?
Social Darwinism
Suppose an artist of the 1800s chose to portray the harsh lives of slum dwellers. Which style below would this artist be using?