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  1. Betrayal
  2. Jealousy
  3. active inclusion
  4. Cyberball experiment
  5. maximal exclusion
  1. a a test for isolation. Isolated peoples brains lit up with those that were similar to physical pain
  2. b others welcome us but don't , others welcome us but do not seek us out
  3. c banish us, send away, abandon
  4. d an unhappy combo of hurt, anger, and fear that occur when people face the potential loss of a valued relationship
  5. e are disagreeable, hurtful actions by people we trusted and from whom we didn't expect the behavior from

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  1. acknowledge the betrayal, opportunity for growth, and rely on friend support
  2. others seek us out because they want to be with us
  3. intentional behavior that creates an impression in the recipient that the deliverer knows is false
  4. Men are more threatened by powerful men where women are more threatened by attractive women
  5. others ignore us but do not avoid us

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  1. active exclusionothers welcome us but don't , others welcome us but do not seek us out


  2. Reactive jealousya response to and actual threat ot your relationship


  3. passive inclusionothers allow us to be included


  4. gender roles and jealousyoccurs when one partner hasn't misbehaved so the other partner's suspicions don,t fit facts


  5. Rational devaluationbanish us, send away, abandon