quiere dárselo

s/he wants to give it to him/her

el collar


sigue mirándola

s/he keeps looking at her

un cuarto pequeño

a small room

trata de verlo

she tries to see it

vamos a comer

we are going to eat / let's eat

labios morados

purple lips

es un lugar tropical

it is a tropical place

tiene que bajar la cabeza

s/he has to lower his head

está sorprendido

s/he is surprised

piensa en la mujer insecta

s/he is thinking about the insect woman

ve a una pareja vieja

s/he sees an old couple

no debe mirar

s/he shouldn't look

es un placer

it is a pleasure

conocen a los Mendoza

they meet the Mendoza's

es una ciudad antigua

it is an ancient city

el crucero

the cruise

se ríe

s/he laughs

brazos cortos

short arms

no digas eso

don't say that

un hotel barato

a cheap hotel

el castillo

the pyramid or temple (castle)

va a buscarlo

s/he is going to look for it

trata de no mirar

s/he tries not to look

la mujer

the woman

un bolsillo


tiene una voz muy fuerte

s/he has a very load voice

es un regalo

it is a gift

ven a mucha gente

they see many people

andan por todas partes

they walk all over

pide una pizza

s/he asks for (orders) a pizza

tiene el pelo largo y liso

s/he has long, straight hair

agarra algo debajo de la mesa

s/he grabs something under the table

se sientan a la mesa

they sit down at the table

Carlos se siente triste

Carlos feels sad



ropa turística

tourist clothes

Ohio es bonito

Ohio is pretty

tiene vergüenza

s/he is embarrassed

tiene razón

s/he is right

tiene miedo

s/he is scared

trata de no mirar

s/he tries not to look

cree que son abuelos

s/he believes they are grandparents

los brazos y piernas

the arms and legs

de una persona que mata

of a killer

no le dice nada a nadie

s/he doesn't say anything to anyone

debe hablar con

s/he ought to talk with

acerca de


tiene que ser

it has to be

más que nada

more than anything



vienen y se sientan a la misma mesa

they come and sit at the same table

se siente como un niño

s/he feels like a child

la tierra de los mayas

the land of the Mayans

un gran pueblo

a great people

se pone muy enojado

s/he gets angry

lo más impresionante

the most impressive thing

no le puede dar

s/he can't give him/her

va a encontrar

s/he is going to find

va a buscar

s/he is going to look for

va a dárselo

s/he is going to give it to him/her

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