Chiffon Method and Angel Food Method

What contributes most to texture?
The light airy texture comes from whipping the whites
What kinds of leaveners are used for chiffons?
Baking Powder and Mechanical whipping
Order of combination
Combine yolks and oil, stir in rest of liquids.
Sift flour dry ingredients and 1/3 sugar, whip into yolk mixture
Whip whites and add rest of sugar, whip to stiff peaks
Fold meringue into batter
Bake until it springs back, cool in pan
Describe Angel Food Method
Whip whites, tartar and salt to triple volume.
Combine flour and half of sugar, reserve
Add rest of sugar to whites and whip to soft peaks
Sift flour and fold gently into whites with vanilla and lemon
Place in ungreased pan, tap pan on table to settle air pockets
Bake until golden brown and springs back
Cool upside down or on rack
What leaveners are in Angel Food?
Mechanical (whipping) Natural (white volume)
What Meringue method is used for Angel Food?
French Method