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Dr. Andersen attempts to bring about personal growth by using communication to develop insight. Dr. Bradley attempts to improve psychological functioning through the use of medication. Dr. Andersen practices _________; Dr. Bradley, ___________.

psychotherapy; biomedical therapy

Which type of therapy is correctly matched with the general treatment approach it exemplifies?

Electroconvulsive therapy- Biomedical Approach

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is which type of approach to treatment?

A psychological approach.

Which therapist is correctly labeled with the treatment approach she seems to reflect?

Dr. Coates primarily prescribes psychotropic drugs--Biomedical AND Dr. Donnelly encourages the development of more realistic thought processes in clients--Pyschological

Dr. Berger is conducting a scientific study comparing clients receiving cognitive-behavioral therapy to those receiving psychodynamic therapy. Dr. Berger is undertaking an ___ study.


The relationship between psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalysis is one type of psychotherapy.

How does modern psychodynamic therapy differ from classic psychoanalysis?

The goal's of today's psychodynamic therapy are more specific than in the past.

Person-centered therapy is a specific type of ___ therapy. It is associated with ___.

humanistic; Carl Rogers

According to humanistic therapists, psychological disorders are primarily caused by

limits and expectations imposed by others.

According to a behavior therapist, how might psychological disorders be treated most effectively?

The client should learn new behaviors.

A hierarchy of fears may be used in:

systematic desensitization.

"Some people are perfect! Why can't I be perfect? Why is everything I do wrong?" A ___ therapist might encourage a client to change such irrational thoughts.

rational emotive

Rational-emotive therapy is associated with ___; cognitive therapy, with ____.

Ellis; Beck

Which brand of psychoactive drug is correctly matched with its class?

Zyprexa- antipsychotic

Which brand of psychoactive drug is correctly matched with the disorder it is intended to treat?

Lithobid- bipolar disorder

Psychostimulants are often prescribed to treat ADHD. How does the effect of psychostimulants on the activity level of ADHD patients vary with the size of the dose?

Small doses of psychostimulants decrease the activity level of these patients. Large doses increase it.

Tricyclic drugs, MAO inhibitors, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are examples of which class of drugs?


Prozac is an example of which kind of antidepressant drug?


The original antidepressants were the ____; today's antidepressants are the ___.

tricyclics and MAOIs; SSRIs

As compared to the tricyclics or the MAOIs, SSRIs:

have fewer side effects AND are prescribed more frequently.

Ida has bipolar disorder. Most likley, she would be prescribed:


Benzodiazepines work by influencing the neurotransmitter:


The first major antipsychotic drug to be introduced was ___; it was used to treat ___.

chlorpromazine; schizophrenia

Regarding the action of antipsychotics on schizophrenia, ___ is to positive symptoms as ___ is to negative symptoms.

dopamine; serotonin

Which alternative correctly pairs a class of medication with its potential side effects?

Antipsychotics- blurred vision, muscle spasms, dizziness, restlessness

Brad complains that his psychotropic medication makes him drowsy. Callie responds that her psychotropic medication does the opposite, it makes her restless. Based on this information, you guess that Brad is taking a ____ and that Callie has been prescribed ___.

either an SSRI or a tranquilizer; either a psychostimulant or an antipsychotic

Psychostimulants are used to treat which of the following disorders?



Surgery that destroys brain tissue.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation most often targets the ___ in the brain.

prefrontal cortex

Originally, the prefrontal lobotomy was developed to treat..

phobias and anxiety.

Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of:

a self-help group.

Which alternative correctly identifies one of the variables in a typical outcome research study?

Independent variable- the type of treatment the clients receive

Natural improvement, nonspecific treatment effects, and placebo effects are best seen as threats to the ___ of outcome research.

internal validity

In a study of the treatment of social anxiety disorder, Herbert et al. compared the effectiveness of CBT alone to the effectiveness of CBT combined with social skills training. What did Herbert et al. find? What might their study be called?

CBT combined with social skills training was more effective than CBT alone. Herbert et al.'s work is called outcome research.

A research technique in which the results of many studies are combined is known as:


The ___ is a statistical measure of the effectiveness of psychological treatment.

effect size

In ___ psychotherapy, therapists use the research literature to find the best way to treat a specific disorder; using a ____ approach, therapists blend a variety of techniques to treat an individual's disorder.

empirically supported; eclectic

Psychotropic drugs seem to be less helpful for:

phobic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Concerning the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs, which of the following is true?

The average effect size of such drugs is around .30; however, the effect size varies little from one antidepressant to another.

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