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  1. non sequitur (n)
  2. parlous (adj)
  3. metamorphosis (n)
  4. bravado (n)
  5. dichotomy (n)
  1. a a complete transformation, as if by magic; change, makeover
  2. b a display of false or assumed courage; swagger, bluster, braggadocio; ant: mettle, bravery, pluck
  3. c interference or conclusion that doesn't follow logically from preceding facts; illogical reference, unsound conclusion
  4. d a branching or forking in an ancestral line; schism, division, bifurcation; ant: uniformity, oneness
  5. e full of danger or risk, perilous; hazardous, risky, dangerous; ant: safe, secure

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  1. a dead end; no escape, a problem to which there is no solution; deadlock, standoff, stalemate
  2. soft, soggy mud or slush; a difficult or entrapping situation; fen, marsh, morass; ant: bedrock, terra firma
  3. unrestrained; gushy, lavish; ant: restrained, reserved, muted, subdued
  4. an essential element or condition; necessity, requisite, desideratum
  5. emphasizing a gloomy setting and grotesque or violent events; type of medieval architecture; sinister, eerie

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  1. consensus (n)a collective general agreement of opinion, feeling, or thinking; unanimity, concord, accord, harmony; ant: dissension, discord


  2. euphoria (n)feeling of great happiness or well-being; elation, bliss, rapture, ecstasy; ant: melancholy, depression


  3. vendetta (n)a prolonged feud characterized by retaliatory acts of revenge; any act motivated by vengeance; blood feud, rivalry


  4. mystique (n)one who forsakes his or her religion, party, or cause; renegade, defector, turncoat; ant: loyalist


  5. punctilio (n)an aura or attitude of mystery surrounding someone or something; charisma