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  1. which type of water is best for preparing parenteral solutions?
  2. what are the four types of bases used to make ointment?
  3. Define: Polyols
    Which type of product is likely to contain Polyols
  4. why is using distilled water to prepare injections WRONG and DANGEROUS?
  5. Sorbic Acid and glycerin is an important component of?
  1. a multiple OH groups in alcohols
    sorbitol and glycerin
  2. b water for injection USP
  3. c Capsules
  4. d It contains pyrogens which are microbial compounds increase body temperature.
  5. e 1. water washable bases
    2. Oleaginous/hydrocarbon/oil bases
    3.Emulsion bases

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  1. Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG)
  2. A concentrated alcohol solution of a vegetable drug of such strength that 1mL= one gram of the dry form of the drug
  3. equal amounts of oil, water, acacia
  4. It prevents surface evaporation
    propylene glycol
  5. wet gum= adding water to acacia
    dry gum = adding oil to acacia

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  1. Lanolin is a (w/o or o/w) emulsion with ____% water.water-oil emulsion with 25% water


  2. which of the following types of water cannot be used to make parenteral & opthalmic solutions?
    a) purified water
    b) bacteristatic water
    Ans: A do not use purified water for opthalmic solutions


  3. How many components are required to make an emulsion and what are they?they reduce the surface tension between the wate and oil and allow the two to mix.


  4. what is reverse osmosis?equal amounts of oil, water, acacia


  5. what is the ratio for dry gum and wet gum?they reduce the surface tension between the wate and oil and allow the two to mix.