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  1. Describe the anti-microbial properties of syrups.
  2. what is the ratio for dry gum and wet gum?
  3. Lanolin is a (w/o or o/w) emulsion with ____% water.
  4. Water soluble bases are made from this important compound:
  5. why is using distilled water to prepare injections WRONG and DANGEROUS?
  1. a It contains pyrogens which are microbial compounds increase body temperature.
  2. b water-oil emulsion with 25% water
  3. c the near saturation of syrups prevent microbial growth thereby no parabens are needed as antimicrobials
  4. d Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG)
  5. e ...dunno

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  1. Ans: A do not use purified water for opthalmic solutions
  2. Adding an insoluble substance to a powder while its wet is called levigation
  3. Ans: the difference is the dispersed phase/continuous phase
    dispersed phase comes first
    Water-oil: dispersed phase is water.
    Oil-water: dispersed phase is oil
  4. multiple OH groups in alcohols
    sorbitol and glycerin
  5. they reduce the surface tension between the wate and oil and allow the two to mix.

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  1. Define: humectant and give 2 examples.It prevents surface evaporation
    propylene glycol


  2. Sorbic Acid and glycerin is an important component of?Capsules


  3. what is the bottle method of emulsification and what is it's ratio?they reduce the surface tension between the wate and oil and allow the two to mix.


  4. what is reverse osmosis?Opposite of osmosis using high pressure to move from region of high solvent concentration to region of low solvent concentration.


  5. What is a tincture?A concentrated alcohol solution of a vegetable drug of such strength that 1mL= one gram of the dry form of the drug