30 terms

Chapter 7 Vocab

A similarity among parts of a whole; a rule that encourages designers to use similar design elements throughout a site.
Design rule that encourages designers to duplicate specific elements on all (or most) of a site's pages to make the site more user-friendly.
color scheme
A set of selected colors used consistently for a Web site's interface elements, such as title graphics, navigation buttons, and background. Web designers use a set of guidelines, known as color theory, to select a color scheme.
web safe color
The 216 colors that display consistently from computer to computer giving Web designers some control over their pages' appearance.
A six-digit string signifying the three colors (red, green, blue) that make up Web-safe colors.
The style, arrangement, and appearance of text.
The font sizes, colors, styles alignment and typography used to determine the appearance of a Web page.
A family of letters, numbers, and other symbols that share a consistent style.
font family
A collection of fonts that share similar characteristics.
A single point in a graphic image; short for picture element.
The position of text on a page, such as left, right, or center.
A font that has an extra line or curve on the ends of certain letters or numbers.
sans serif
A font that does not have special adornment at the end of letters or numbers.
cascading style sheet
A style sheet that consists of code that defines formatting and layout settings of a Web page.
Visual display.
A place where items are stored.
div element
A CSS element that divides a Web page into areas to control formatting and layout.
inline style sheet
A style sheet that includes CSS code in line with XHTML code.
internal style sheet
A style sheet that embeds CSS information within an individual Web page's <head> tag.
external style sheet
A style sheet containing format and layout settings that is stored in a separate file.
The element of the XHTML code that you would like to define.
An aspect that you can use CSS to change.
The part of CSS syntax that specifies the appearance or layout of a property, such as blue for color.
XHTML selector
A selector that applies consistent formatting to a specific XHTML tag.
class selector
A selector that applies the same attribute to any XHTML element that references it. It can be used multiple times in an XHTML document.
id selector
A selector that identifies only one element within an XHTML document. It is always preceded by a # sign.
A standard value.
To attract attention to
An obvious distinction between two elements or items. The difference between the lighter and darker areas of an image.