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an explanation based on experimentation that is the best science has to offer

form a new hypothesis

if a hypothesis isn't supported, a scientist should...

logical reasoning and interpretation

...are needed for scientific study


to test the effect of a certain vitamin on dogs, which group would get the vitamin?


the ability of a microscope to show details clearly is called

fine adjustment knob

to bring an image or specimen into clear, sharp focus, a student would use the...


the stable level of internal conditions in organisms

controlled experiment

an experiment in which all factors are the same except the one being tested

organizing data

constructing a graph is an example of this


in biology, structure is always related to


all scientific knowledge is based on this

parents to offspring

reproduction involves the transfer of genetic information from...


when placing a microscope slide in place for viewing, which objective lens should be in place?


a mother guppy gives birth to twelve baby fish

energy use

a lioness hunts, kills, and consumes an antelope


a snake locates prey and strikes using heat sensors


humans are composed of four major types of tissues


amoebas are single-celled white jellyfish that are multicellular


a turtle retreats into its shell when startled


a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly through metamorphosis

energy use

plants make glucose from sunlight and water


a polar bear's body temperature is constant, even in the arctic


a 2000 year old sequoia tree was once a seedling

coarse adjustment knob

moves the body tube up and down to focus


controls the light entering the microscope

coarse adjustment knob

brings the object or slide into view

fine adjustment knob

brings the object into clear, sharp focus


where you would place the slide on the microscope

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