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What is the most important function of music in film
To set a mood
Running counter to the action
When the composers create irony by supplying music that contradicts what is being shown on the screen
What is a good example of running counter to the action
The climatic scene of the godfather, pulp fiction, and Kill bill, vol 1 and vol 2
What happens with this contrast?
Produces a sense of black comedy and raises questions about the superficial treatment of violence in todays media
In addition to setting moods, music can also help do what?
Establish character. Ex: Hero accompanied by fast paced music
What is an example of a movie where the music helps delineate the social levels of the principle characters?
Music can also help create a sense of
Place and time
What is an example of movies where the music helps transport people in time?
The bagpipes in brave heart and the guitar in broke back mountain
What are the two types of music in film?
Underscoring and source music
When music comes from an unseen source
Source music
When music functions in the drama itself. Ex: Someone turns on a radio or someone is inspired to sing
What are some examples of source music?
Rear window and Boyz 'N the hood
In an attempt to create musical unity within an ongoing dramatic flow, composers use what techniques?
Leitmotifs and thematic transformation
What are some examples of Leitmotifs?
Jaws and star wars
What film revolutionized the movie industry?
Star wars
Who wrote the music for star wars?
John Williams. He then wrote jaws and Indiana Jones (Raiders march)
What is the important Indiana jones movie?
Raiders of The Lost Ark
What structure does the raiders march have?
A section of the raiders march
The Indiana Jones theme is divided into several component parts. The principle melody is heard four times, growing in intensity every time.
What are the things most music for film composers have in common?
- The incorporation of the principles established by Wagner's music dramas
- The assimilation of the ever changing trends in popular music
- The constant search for fresh new sounds