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Physics Chapter 8

Indication that light is a wave is
that is has dark bands in the diffraction pattern
The colors of an oil slick indicated that
light is a wave
The index of refractoin measures
light is wave
Light waves are
The resolution of a human eye is about
1/60 degree
Which of the following has the lowest index of refraction?
As the wavelength of light decreases , the frequency
In one millionth of a second, light will travel
about 1000 feet
A piece of glass is shaped like a pyramid is titled at 45 degrees with respect to the horizontal . A beam of light is inside the glass, moving horzizontally. When it emerges from the titled surface of the glass , it will be moving
in a direction that is titled downward
A stop sign is bright when you shine the headlamps of your car on it. It most likely is covered with
small glass spheres
Diamonds sparkle in many colors
light velocity depends on color
Which of the following are retroflectors
Two soap bubbles from the same soap appear to be different colors
different thickness
If c is the speed of light in vacuum, them the speed of light in glass is approxiamately
Stealth bombers are undetected by radar in part because
of the absence of corner reflectors
Rainbows show different colors because
in water, different frequencies have different velocities
Which of the following is polarized?
blue sky light
A fiber can send much more information per second than a wire because
light has a very high frewuency
Which color of light would give the highest number of bits per second in fiber optics
Shannon is famous for having invented or discovered
the bit
The human eye has cones that detect
People squint to see better because squinting
reduced the blur size
Old people need reading glasses because their
lenses become less flexible
Red eye in photographs comes from
light of the flash reflecting off the retina (the back of the eye)
Your eye has
two lenses-the lens and the cornea
Light is polarzied when it bounces off
water,glass, ir
Sunglasses can help you see a fish underwater because
relflected light is polarized
Polarized are used for 3-D movies because
they give a different image to each eye
Stress in plastic can be detected by looking at
polarized light
In the pinhole camera, more blurring occurs if
the hole is either very larger or very small
Holograms depend on the fact that light
is a wave
A successful fisherman will throw the spear
below the fish image
To make a spy satellite that can read a license playe , you would have to
use a larger mirror
The wavelength of visible light is closest to the diameter of
red blood cell
The Keck telescope is powerful because
it has bigger mirror to collect
When we say a man is color blind we usually mean that
he can't dishtinguish red from green
The Keck uses what to focus light
a mirror
Light in a vacuum goes 1 foot every nanosecond . In water, in one nanosecond it will go about
.66 foot
Present-day 3-D movies make use of what technology
A computer screen does not have spots that are colored
For a good telescope in geosynchronous, a typical resolution is about
20 feet
A major use of fiber optics is for