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The endocrine system is make up of
The nervous system is to a telephone as the endocrine system is to a
radio broadcast
The endocrine system
releases hormones into the bloodstream
What is a gland of the endocrine system`
pituitary gland
Unlike endocrine glands, exocrine glands
release secretions through ducts
Steriod hormones
bin to receptors inside the target cell
endocrine system maintains homeostasis by having
two hormones with opposite effects regulate certain things
What secretes sex hormones (male)
What produces epinephrine and norepinephrine
adrenal gland
The endocrine system carries out its job by releasing target cells into the bloodstream
false (hormones)
Exocrine glands release their secretions into the bloodstream
False (endocrine)
A non steroid hormone enters a target cell by passing across its cell membrane
False (Steroid)
Thyroxine inhibits the secretion of TSH by the pituitary gland which maintains homeostasis
The parathyroid glands secret hormones that help the body deal with stress
false (adrenal glands)
Blank are chemical that travel through the bloodstrema and affect the activity of other cells
If a childs diet lacks iodine the BLANK gland cannot produce its hormone
The function of the excretory system is to control homeostasis and
remove wastes