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  1. Universal Sufferage
  2. Economic
  3. "What's the Matter With Kansas"
  4. "Swat the Fly"
  5. Standard Oil
  1. a Associated with the Socialist Movement
  2. b Controled all aspects of its oil production
  3. c Editorial that claimed the Populists made Kansas look foolish
  4. d Voting for both women and African Americans
  5. e Slogan used to inform the public that flies carried bacteria

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  1. Turned sermons into "cliffhangers" to encourage visitors to return to his Topeka Church
  2. Voting rights for all women
  3. The practice of influecing the decisions made by the government
  4. Wanting change
  5. Established an income tax

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  1. Social ReformAssociated with the Progressive Movement


  2. Ablin K. LongrenStarted the Socialist paper "Appeal to Reason"


  3. Kate Richards O'HareName comes from a novel by Mark Twain and Charles Warner


  4. ratifyThe practice of influecing the decisions made by the government


  5. Flu Epidemic of 1918A military leader who fought during the Spanish-American War.