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  1. 18th Amendment
  2. suffrage
  3. Carry A. Nation
  4. Populism
  5. utopian
  1. a Established Prohibition in the United States
  2. b The civil right to vote
  3. c Ideal community or society
  4. d Worked for Prohibition in defense of the family, destroyed saloons with a hatchet
  5. e The reform movement started by FARMERS

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  1. A military leader who fought during the Spanish-American War.
  2. Repealed the 18th Amendment, Prohibition
  3. Claimed that Wall Street owned the country
  4. Abstaining from alcohol, religiously motivated, personal choice
  5. Wheat was sent to Europe because agriculture had been interrupted of this event

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  1. Samuel CrumbineAbstaining from alcohol, religiously motivated, personal choice


  2. Charles SheldomAssociated with the Progressive Movement


  3. The Gilded AgeName comes from a novel by Mark Twain and Charles Warner


  4. 16th AmendmentElection Reform, direct election of senators


  5. Julius A. WaylandStarted the Socialist paper "Appeal to Reason"