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  1. Women's Suffrage
  2. The Gilded Age
  3. Social Reform
  4. Samuel Crumbine
  5. Progressive
  1. a A public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.
  2. b Name comes from a novel by Mark Twain and Charles Warner
  3. c Voting rights for all women
  4. d The reform movement focused on changing lots of social issues, not a political party, accomplished many goals
  5. e Associated with the Progressive Movement

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  1. Can't be denied voting rights based on sex
  2. Designed to protect children from unsafe working conditions
  3. Developed "Little Blue Books"
  4. Voting for both women and African Americans
  5. The reform movement started by FARMERS

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  1. 17th AmendmentElection Reform, direct election of senators


  2. 18th AmendmentEstablished Prohibition in the United States


  3. Charles SheldomTurned sermons into "cliffhangers" to encourage visitors to return to his Topeka Church


  4. Mary Elizabeth LeaseKansas newspaper that expressed the views of Socialism


  5. Ablin K. LongrenA mechanic who built the first successful airplane in Kansas