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  1. William Allen White
  2. Politcal
  3. "Little Blue Books"
  4. Standard Oil
  5. 18th Amendment
  1. a Controled all aspects of its oil production
  2. b Wrote "What's the Matter WIth Kansas"
  3. c Made literature affordable to everyone
  4. d Established Prohibition in the United States
  5. e Associated with the Populist Party

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  1. Slogan used to inform the public that flies carried bacteria
  2. the most radical the reform movements, wanted EQUAL distribution of wealth to ALL CLASSES
  3. Was a "muckraker", wrote "The Jungle"
  4. Started at Ft. Riley, killed more people than World War I, spread when American soliders went overseas
  5. Election Reform, direct election of senators

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  1. "What's the Matter With Kansas"Made literature affordable to everyone


  2. TemperanceAbstaining from alcohol, religiously motivated, personal choice


  3. ratifyFound in Kansas because the state was once covered by the Permian Sea


  4. Charles SheldomTurned sermons into "cliffhangers" to encourage visitors to return to his Topeka Church


  5. Emanuel and Marcet Haldeman-JuliusClaimed that Wall Street owned the country