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  1. Socialism
  2. Walter P. Chrysler
  3. Universal Sufferage
  4. Economic
  5. lobby
  1. a Associated with the Socialist Movement
  2. b the most radical the reform movements, wanted EQUAL distribution of wealth to ALL CLASSES
  3. c President of automobile company who starts this career as a locomotive mechanic.
  4. d The practice of influecing the decisions made by the government
  5. e Voting for both women and African Americans

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  1. Prohibit the manufacturing and sale of alcohol
  2. Repealed the 18th Amendment, Prohibition
  3. Associated with the Populist Party
  4. Election Reform, direct election of senators
  5. Voting rights for all women

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  1. Social ReformAssociated with the Progressive Movement


  2. ConservativeWanting to maintain the current views or traditional values


  3. "Sockless" Jerry SimpsonBack the currency by silver and gold, part of Populism


  4. 16th AmendmentEstablished an income tax


  5. World War IWheat was sent to Europe because agriculture had been interrupted of this event