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  1. Populism
  2. Child Labor Laws
  3. Samuel Crumbine
  4. Social Reform
  5. Politcal
  1. a Associated with the Progressive Movement
  2. b The reform movement started by FARMERS
  3. c A public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.
  4. d Associated with the Populist Party
  5. e Designed to protect children from unsafe working conditions

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  1. A military leader who fought during the Spanish-American War.
  2. Developed "Little Blue Books"
  3. Wrote "What's the Matter WIth Kansas"
  4. Slogan used to inform the public that flies carried bacteria
  5. Made literature affordable to everyone

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  1. ratifyFound in Kansas because the state was once covered by the Permian Sea


  2. Flu Epidemic of 1918A military leader who fought during the Spanish-American War.


  3. Socialismthe most radical the reform movements, wanted EQUAL distribution of wealth to ALL CLASSES


  4. 18th AmendmentElection Reform, direct election of senators


  5. ProgressiveProhibit the manufacturing and sale of alcohol