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  1. Progressive
  2. Julius A. Wayland
  3. Walter P. Chrysler
  4. Carry A. Nation
  5. Free Education
  1. a Wanting change
  2. b President of automobile company who starts this career as a locomotive mechanic.
  3. c Started the Socialist paper "Appeal to Reason"
  4. d Worked for Prohibition in defense of the family, destroyed saloons with a hatchet
  5. e Part of the Socialist & Progressive Movement that dealt with the school systems

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  1. First woman mayor
  2. A public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.
  3. Controled all aspects of its oil production
  4. Election Reform, direct election of senators
  5. Abstaining from alcohol, religiously motivated, personal choice

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  1. 16th AmendmentElection Reform, direct election of senators


  2. suffragean investigative journalist who looks into the negative parts of society, very popular during the early 1900s, example = Upton Sinclair


  3. Women's SuffrageVoting rights for all women


  4. "Swat the Fly"Made literature affordable to everyone


  5. World War IAssociated with the Populist Party