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  1. Susanna Salter
  2. Child Labor Laws
  3. Politcal
  4. Carry A. Nation
  5. Upton Sinclair
  1. a Designed to protect children from unsafe working conditions
  2. b Worked for Prohibition in defense of the family, destroyed saloons with a hatchet
  3. c Associated with the Populist Party
  4. d First woman mayor
  5. e Was a "muckraker", wrote "The Jungle"

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  1. Wrote "What's the Matter WIth Kansas"
  2. First woman to run for Senate, was a Socalist
  3. Election Reform, direct election of senators
  4. Wanting change
  5. Developed "Little Blue Books"

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  1. Samuel CrumbineA public health reformer who banned the public drinking cup.


  2. Charles SheldomTurned sermons into "cliffhangers" to encourage visitors to return to his Topeka Church


  3. suffrageThe civil right to vote


  4. ratifyFound in Kansas because the state was once covered by the Permian Sea


  5. Standard OilControled all aspects of its oil production