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Triple Beam Balance

equipment used to measure mass


cell that has no nucleus


cells that have a nucleus

Food, Water, Space, Air

basic needs of living things

Robert Hooke

person who named cells


equipment used in the discovery and understanding of cells

Cell Theory

all organisms are made of one or more cells, basic unit of life, and come from other existing cells


groups of cells that work together to perform a specific job


two or more tissues, work together to perform a specific job


what you look at when measuring volume in a graduated cylinder, lowest point of water


nearly all living things get their energy from this

Cell Membrane

cell part that acts as a barrier and allows certain things in and out


green pigment that gives the plant color


breaks down food into a form that cells can use, release energy


takes place in chloroplast


stores water and other materials


material that organelles float in within the cell

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