Quiz 6

Which of the following is an aptitude, rather than an intelligence, test?
Wernicke's aphasia; Broca's aphasia
Mr. Daniels continues to speak fluently and grammatically following a brain injury. However, what he says makes absolutely no sense. Mrs. Clemens has trouble speaking fluently though she has no problem understanding the speech of others. Mr. Daniels appears to be suffering from ___________. Mrs. Clemens is suffering from _________.
stereotype threat
Maggie is nervous as she begins her calculus final. She is not quite sure she can compete with the male students in her chemical engineering degree program. Maggie's performance on the calculus test may be impaired by:
7 months
Baby Ezra is babbling, producing intentional but meaningless vocalizations. How old is Ezra?
70; 130
About 95% of the population have an IQ score between ______ and _______.
Your text states that in early psychological research comparing monolingual and bilingual children, the bilingual children were often of lower socioeconomic status than were their monolingual counterparts. In such research, the children's socioeconomic status was a(n) _______ variable.
convergent thinking; divergent thinking
Traditional intelligence tests tend to assess _______ thinking; tests of creativity tap into __________.
phonemes; syntax
In written language, letters most closely represent __________, whereas sentences may be said to reflect __________.
The aspect of emotional intelligence that is most strongly supported by empirical research is emotional __________.
attentional control
(Bb. 2) Jaeggi and colleagues research in "Practice makes smarter" hypothesized that fluid intelligence and working memory both involve ____________.
normal distribution
The pattern of scores usually observed in a variable that clusters around its average is known as a
transfer; fluid
(Bb. 2) As reported in the journal article, Improving fluid intelligence... researchers demonstrated a ________ effect, where enhancing working memory improved performance on measures of __________ intelligence
Copy of The aspect of emotional intelligence that is most strongly supported by empirical research is emotional __________.
yields consistent measurements.
A psychological test is said to be reliable to the extent that it:
The IQ score of the average 18-year-old today is about 15 points higher than that of her counterpart 60 years ago.
Based on your text's discussion of the Flynn effect, how might the IQ of the average 18-year-old today compare with that of her counterpart 60 years ago?
Bonnie studied car mechanics in high school and spent a lot of time helping out at her dad's garage. Her ability to fix a car relies primarily on her _________ intelligence
visual; auditory
(Bb. 2) In the experiments on fluid intelligence and working memory, the researchers trained volunteers with an "n-back" task that had a combination of ___________ and __________ stimuli.
The things that different types of intelligence tests have in common
Which of the following defines general intelligence (g)?
By the age of five, children possess a vocabulary of about how many words?
When linguists and psychologists say that language is "generative," they mean that it is:
Three-year-old Fantasia refers to all pet mammals as "puppies" whether they are adult dogs, puppies, cats, hamsters, or rabbits. Fantasia is displaying: