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Puritan, but published increasingly radical pamphlets

farmer from south London who had been a Puritan but started publishing increasingly radical pamphlets in the 1640s
leader of the Diggers, one of several new religious groups including the Ranters and the Quakers that cropped up in the aftermath of Charles I's execution
April 1649: started an agrarian commune w/ ~2 dozen of his friends in St. George's Hill; later started another settlement in Surrey called Cobham Heath; attracted attention b/c 1) they established it on common land, not privately owned land → all locals were supposed to have the right to raise animals there, etc. and 2) they started to literally dig up land to plant crops (not allowed)
1649: GW wrote the True Levellers Standard Advanced and 15 leaders of the group signed it- claimed that the Levellers (see above) hadn't gone far enough and that they would go farther; called themselves the "True Levellers" (Diggers = a derogatory nickname given by someone else); aimed to level social distinctions by attacking private property and enacted the attack themselves by building huts, planting crops, etc.
BUT movement small/short- only had 90 people at its peak and attracted a lot of hostility, esp. from local landowners, so the New Model Army tore the settlement down in 1650 after only a year b/c the local courts deemed the group illegal
significant because it shows how a revolution can lead to new ways of thinking about fundamental ideas like private property and proves that Charles's execution was leading to some social upheaval