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The two strands of DNA are bonded to one another by


GCCCAAAG is a molecule of

cannot tell as written

DNA is characterized by what feature?

Deoxyribose & Thymine

DNA replication is


The term antiparallel

refers to the opposite orientation of the two strands in DNA

The specific sequence of nucleotides in the DNA to which the RNA polymerase binds is the

promoter region

How many nucleotides are in a codon?


There are ___ codons to code for the 20 possible amino acids.


May be or is an RNA molecule


The placement of the amino acid during translation is determined by the

complementarity of the codon-anticodon

A stop codon

codes for no amino acid

Gene regulation may entail

Turning on genes only when needed
Turning off genes when not needed
Turning on or off entire groups of genes

The set of genes in bacteria that are linked together and transcribed as a single unit is referred to as an


The molecules that bind to a repressor and cause it to no longer bind to the operator are called


Adenine binds to thymine via 3 hydrogen bonds


one end of a strand of DNA is different from the other end


DNA replication is usually unidirectional


There are 4 functional types of RNA


The anticodon determines which amino acid is linked to its tRNA


Why is it a good idea for a bacterial cell to be able to utilize glucose FIRST as an energy source (until it's used up, THEN switch to lactose?

Glucose is an easier compound to break down and obtain energy from than lactose & it's about conservation of energy-why expend the energy to make the extra enzymes for breaking down lactose when glucose is right there and doesn't need to extra enzymes for breakdown.

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