26 terms

chapter 4 MC

the stimulation of visual receptors
recognizing an object as a flower is using your....
receptor that is slower but better at adapting to the dark
part of the eye that contains neurons
shorter light waves
Jose is wearing a blue shirt and Evan is wearing a red shirt.....Jose's shirt is reflecting....
dilated, producing images not as sharp
in dim light, the pupil of the eye is....
retinal disparity
Joe was looking at a flower, the image of the flower fell on slightly different areas of the retina in his right versus left eye, this is called....
complex cells
type of cells in visual cortex that respond to specific widths and orientation of lines anywhere in their receptive field...
bottom-up processing
Joe saw a beak, then a wing, then webbed feet, he surmised he was looking at duck....what type of cognitive processing is this?
Blake was at a football game and even though people wearing green jackets were spread fairly evenly throughout the stands, he perceived them as a single group of visiting fans, Blake's perception is most consistent with the Gestalt principle of....
the reason George could tell when the flute played "happy birthday" versus when the piano played "happy birthday" is because of the difference in...
taste receptor
type of sensory receptor that is renewed every 10 days
frequency theory
theory that suggest that how fast the basilar membrane vibrates determines the pitch that a person will hear....
olfactory system
sensory system that does not pass through the thalamus...
fast and short pathways
pain messages go through these pathways.....
part of the eye that displays color....
have a cold
flavor is influenced by smell as well as taste, and with a reduced sense of smell your sense of flavor will be diminished when you....
olfactory system
sensory system that does not have identifiable primary stimuli
gate-control theory
Jack was so engaged in this game that he didn't realize he had broken his wrist until the game was over...what theory can offer an explanation of how this situation could be possible?
where auditory stimuli are changed into neural signal
linear perspective
a way that we can see with only on eye......
top-down processing
if you were starving and began to see the people around you as food, this would support this kind of processing....
left eye and right eye
from which eye does the right hemisphere of your brain receive visual information from?
trichromatic theory and opponent process thoery
which visual theory appears to be correct?
taste buds
located in the trenches around the bumps of our tongues
somatosensory cortex in parietal lobes
touch information goes here.....