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Drama Stagecraft Elements


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What stagecraft elements are
They cover the various areas used to stage a production, so the things used to enhance the physical perfromance.
That are made during the rehearsal process which affects the overall outcome/presentation of a performance so it's the set out for when and where actors move or enter on stage.
The physical clothing or features worn by actors to establish characters and help differentiate between them.
It is the actual lighting to help enhance the view of the performance, it can also incorporate different colors in the background to create different moods in the performance.
Set/stage design
This involves the planning of where to place any properties or backdrops on stage for the set up of the performance during scene changes.
Any sound (noise) produced by technology of band.
Make up
This can help differentiate between characters and is also used to help set mood e.g. Dark make up = evil character.
The objects that help to establish scenes and events.
7 stagecraft elements
Direction, costume, lighting, set/stage design, sound, make up and properties