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Where should your reflectors be placed when you stopped on a undivided highway?
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Common medicines for colds can make you sleepy.TrueListening to loud fast music can reduce your stress before and while you drive.FalseStopping is not always the safest thing to do in an emergency.TrueHow often must you stop while on the road to check your cargo?Within 50 miles after beginning a trip, after every break, and every 3 hrs, 150 miles.Which type of vehicle is more likely to get stuck on a railroad-highway crossing?Car carriers.Name two situations where legal maximum weights may not be safe to haul?During bad weather or in mountains.How long does it take for a typical tractor trailer unit to clear a single rail road track?14 seconds.What is the minimum tread depth for front tires?4/32What things should you check during a trip?Watch gauges, mirrors, use your senses to check for problems. Look, listen, and smell.The B:C type fire extinguisher is designed to work on burning wood, paper, and cloth.FalseName the two basic reasons for covering cargo on an open bed?To protect people from spilled cargo, and to protect the cargo from weather.When backing, why is it important to use a helper?Because there are blind spots you can not see.Where should your reflectors be placed when stopped on a divided highway?10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet toward the approaching traffic.Under-loaded front axles can make the steering axle weight too light to steer safely.TrueWhat are the two special conditions where you should downshift?Before starting down a hill and before entering a curve.What should you do before you drive if you are drowsy?Get sleep.What three things add up to total stopping distance?Perception Distance + Reaction Distance + Braking Distance.What is the most important hand signal that you and the helper should agree on?Stop.What is hydroplaning?When tires lose their contact with the road and have little or no traction due to water on the road.Brake hard enough to feel a slowdown, when your speed has been reduced to 5 mph below your safe speed, release the brakes. When your speed has increased to your safe speed, repeat these steps.This is the procedure for coming down long steep grades.What is an escape ramp?A ramp leading to a long bed of loose soft material to slow a runaway vehicle, sometimes in combination with an upgrade.What should wheel-bearing seals be checked for?Leaks.Why should you be in the proper gear before starting down a hill?You will not be able to shift into a lower gear once you are going down the hill.What is a hazardous materials placard?Signs put on the outside of a vehicle which identify the hazard class of the cargo.What factors determine your selection of a safe speed when going down a long steep downgrade?Total weight of the vehicle and cargo, length of the grade, steepness of the grade, road conditions, weather.Why make emergency plans when you see a hazard?You will have more time to act if you see hazards before they become emergencies.What is a pull-up?Pulling forward while backing a trailer to reposition it.For what four things related to cargo are drivers responsible?Inspecting your cargo, recognizing overloads, properly secured cargo, cargo does not restrict emergency equipment.What is an advantage of going right instead of left around an obstacle?If you are blocked on both sides, a move to the right will not force anyone into an opposing traffic lane and a possible head on collision.Too much weight on the drive axle can cause hard heavy steering.FalseWhat is a hazard?A hazard is any road condition or other vehicle that is a possible danger.How many red reflective triangles should you carry?3Why put the starter switch key in your pocket during the pre-trip inspection?So no one moves the vehicle while you are inspecting underneath it.How do you find out how many seconds of following distance space you have?Wait until the vehicle ahead passes a clear landmark, then count off the seconds until you reach the same spot.Retarders keep you from skidding when the road is slippery.FalseHow far ahead does the manual say you should look while driving?12 to 15 seconds, at highway speeds its about a quarter of a mile.What is black ice?A thin layer of ice that is clear enough that you can see the road underneath it. It makes the road look wet.You should let air out of hot tires so the pressure goes back to normal.FalseIf you are driving a 30 foot vehicle at 55 mph, how many seconds of following distance should you allow?4 seconds.Your CDL will be disqualified after three or more convictions of any state law on texting or operating a hand held telephone while operating a CMV.FalseWhat is the minimum tread depth for tires other than the front tires?2/32What is the most important reason for doing a pre-trip inspection?Safety for yourself and other road users.What are two main things to look for ahead while driving?Traffic and road conditions.If you go twice as fast, your stopping distance increase by how many times?FourName some important steering system parts?Tie rod, spindle, pitman arm.Which of the following statements is false.Gross Combination Weight (GCW). The total weight of a powered unit plus trailers.What must you check before transporting a sealed load?The load is properly secured.If stopped on a hill, how can you start moving without rolling back?Partly engage the clutch before you take your right foot off the brake.Empty trucks have the best braking.FalseWhat three kinds of emergency equipment must you have?Fire extinguisher, spare electrical fuses , warning devices for parked vehicles.If you went under a low clearance bridge when you were loaded, then you can get back under it when you are empty for sure.FalseWhat should you do if you become sleepy while driving?Stop to sleep.The distance your vehicle travels in ideal conditions from the time your eyes see a hazard until your brain recognizes it is?Perception distanceIf a tire blows out, you should put the brakes on hard to stop quickly.FalseThe only proven way to overcome sleep debt is?None of the above.A broken exhaust system can let poison fumes into the cab or sleeper berth of a truck.TrueCoffee and a little fresh air will help a drinker sober up.FalseA 12 ounce glass beer, a 5 ounce glass of wine, and a 1 and a half ounce shot of liquor all have about the same amount of alcohol.TrueIt is a good idea for driver's to try to help out others by signaling when it is safe for them to pass.FalseWhen backing a tractor trailer, which way do you turn the steering wheel to make the trailer go to the left?To the rightWhen using your fire extinguisher, you should get as close as possible to the fire?FalseThe distance it takes to stop in ideal conditions once the brakes are applied is?Breaking distance.Name some things you should check on the front of your vehicle during the walk-around inspection?Low beams, high beams, four-way flashers, turn signals.When the temperature drops, bridges will freeze before other parts of the road will.TrueAdjusting the radio, eating, drinking, smoking, reading maps, talking on the phone, and daydreaming are examples of what type of driving?Distracted driving.What does communicating in safe driving mean?Letting others know you are there by using turn signals, four way flashers and horn.If you go twice as fast, will your stopping distance increase by how many times?FourWhat is your most important way to see the sides and rear?Your mirrors.A bridge formula permits less maximum-axle-weight for axles that are closer together to prevent over loading bridges and roads.TrueWhich of the following is not a tire defect?Damaged rimsWhat is the minimum number of tie-downs for any flatbed load?TwoOff-ramp and on-ramp posted speed limits are usually safe for large and heavy vehicles.FalseAfter beginning your trip you should inspect the cargo and its securing devices again within how many miles?50Name two causes of tire fires?Under-inflated tires and duals that touch.Which of the following is not a rim defect?Dual tires that come in contact with each other.Wet roads can double your stopping distance.TrueWhen you are driving in heavy traffic, what is the safest speed?The speed of other vehicles.Why are placards used?To communicate the risk.The act of operating a motor vehicle in a selfish, bold, or pushy manner, without regard for the rights or safety of others best describes what?Aggressive driving.You should decrease your following distance if somebody is following you too closely.FalseWhich of the following does not cause front wheel skids?Not enough weight on the tandem trailer axle.When you brake hard on slippery surfaces in a vehicle without ABS, your wheels should never lock up.FalseHow do you test hydraulic brakes for leaks?Pump the brake pedal three times, apply firm pressure for 5 seconds, the pedal should not move.For a cargo fire in a van or box trailer, your first action should be to open the trailer door.FalseWhen should you downshift automatic transmissions?For a cargo fire in a van or box trailer, your first action should be to open the trailer door.FalseWhen should you downshift automatic transmissions?When going down grades.How long does it take for a typical tractor trailer unit to clear a double rail road track?15 seconds.The most common skid is one in which the drive wheels lose traction through excessive braking or acceleration.TrueAfter starting your vehicle, air pressure should build from 50 to 90 psi within how many minutes?3 to 4 minutesThe three basic types of inspections are pre trip, during a trip, and after a trip.TrueThe basic steps to take at any accident are?Protect the area, notify authorities, and care for the injured.Too much weight on the drive axle can cause poor traction.FalseA quick turn to avoid collision can be made safely as long as the brakes are applied at the same time.FalseSpeeding traffic is the number one cause of injury and death in roadway work zones.TrueClearance heights may actually be lower than posted due to re-paved roads or packed snow.TrueTriple your driving speed from 20 mph to 60 mph and the impact and braking distance is how many times greater?9The BEST advice for driving in fog is?Do not drive in the fog.Pre-program radio stations, pre load favorite CDs, review maps, plan your route, and adjust mirrors before you start your trip are things you can do to?Prevent distracted driving.Front end header boards can protect the driver from cargo in case of a crash or a sudden stop.TrueIt should take 10 to 15 minutes for the oil pressure reading to come up to normal after the engine is started.FalseIf you see a hazard ahead that will require slowing down you should ________ to warn the drivers behind you.Flash your brake lights.ABS brake systems are good because they help prevent power or turning skids.FalseShort breaks can keep you alert, the best time to take them is right after you feel really tired.FalseThe vehicle that trucks and buses most often crash into is located?In front of them.If you must stop on a road or the shoulder of any road, you must put out your emergency warning devices within how many minutes?10How do antilock brakes help you?They help keep wheels from locking up.You can safely remove the radiator cap as long as the engine is not overheated.FalseReacting a half second slower because of distractions causes double the amount of crashes.TrueRoad Rage is operating a motor vehicle with the intent of doing harm to others or physically assaulting a driver or their vehicle.TrueThe distance traveled from the time your brain tells your foot to move from the accelerator until your foot is actually pushing the brake pedal is called what?Reaction distance.How many times does the manual say that you should shift gears while crossing railroad tracks?0Of all the space around your vehicle what space is most important?The space ahead of the vehicle.Federal and state laws require that drivers inspect their vehicles.TrueFor a cargo fire in a van or box trailer, your first action should be to open the trailer door.