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  1. Periods
  2. Electron Shells/Clouds
  3. Strong Nuclear Force
  4. Hydrogen
  5. Chlorine
  1. a H
  2. b Energy levels, starts with K shell. Goes K, L, M, etc. K can hold 2, L-8, M-18.
  3. c Same number of electron 'rings.' Rows
  4. d Why the protons in an atom don't break apart
  5. e Cl

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  1. Discovers the neutron
  2. Ne
  3. Negative
  4. in AMU (atomic mass units)
  5. Be

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  1. Nonmetalsdull, brittle, low density, melt at a low temperature, don't conduct heat/electricity well


  2. RutherfordSame number of electron 'rings.' Rows


  3. A Neutrons charge?Neutral


  4. moleculesshiny, high conductivity, malleable, high density


  5. ElementA pure substance that can not be broken down through chemical means - made up of ONE type of atom