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Olfactory Nerve

sense of smell, sensory

Optic Nerve

sight sensation

Oculomotor Nerve

eye movement pupil contraction

Trochlear Nerve

motor only to oblique eye

Trigeminal Nerve

sensation to face, activates muscles for mastication

Abducens Nerve

lateral eye movement, motor

Facial Nerve

motor to facial expression, salvitory glands, tear secretion sensory for taste buds, face and scalp

Vestibulocochlear Nerve

hearing, balance and posture

Glossopharyngeal Nerve

motor for swallowing, salvitory glands sensory for throat, blood pressure, taste in the back of tongue

Vagus Nerve

motor to throat (swallowing), heart, lungs, GI tract sensory for same areas and deep taste from throat

Spinal Accessory Nerve

motor to trapezius, sternocleidomastoid (neck)

Hypoglossal Nerve

controls tongue movement

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