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Honors Biology EXAM 3

Chapter 3
The molecule transmits hereditary information
nucleic acid
Which of the following molecules is not grouped with the lipids?
the tertiary structure of proteins is typified by the:
three-dimensional shape of an individual polypeptide chain
All the following molecules are proteins except...
Which one of the following carbohydrates is the most structurally complex?
a polysaccharide
The major function(s) of proteins includes
catalyzing chemical reactions.
controlling the expression of genes
strengthening and protecting cells and tissues.
used to transport substances across the cell membrane.
Which of the following statements best summarizes the differences between RNA and DNA?
DNA comprises the genes, while RNA is a direct participant in the process of protein synthesis
Which property of the carbon atom give its compatibility with a greater number of different elements than any other type of atom?
Carbon has a valence of 4
At which level of protein structure are disulfide bonds important.
Which is the best description of a carbonyl group?
a carbon atom joined to an oxygen atom by a double bond.
which of the following statements is false?
DNA does not normally contain a phosphate group.
All the following molecules are proteins except
Which of the following is responsible for the alpha-helical structure of proteins?
hydrogen bonds
The major difference between a structural lipid, such as those in cell membranes, and a storage fat is the fact that the structural lipid:
most commonly contains phosphate
Which statement is false about hydrocarbons?
Hydrocarbons are hydrophilic due to carbon-hydrogen bonds
Which of the following statements concerning saturated fats is correct?
They have no double bonds in the carbon chains of their fatty acids.
Which of the following illustrates condensation?
the reaction of two monosaccharides to forma disaccharide.
Human saliva contains enzymes that hydrolyze starch. If a baby chews up a cracker, what is the starch broken down into the baby's mouth?
The hydrolysis of triacyglycerol will yield:
three fatty acids and one glycerol
All of the following bases are found in DNA except:
An amphipathic molecule has:
a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic portion
In the double helix structure of nucleic acids, cytosine will form hydrogen bonds with
A compound contains hydroxyl groups as its predominant functional group. Which of the following statements is true concerning this compound?
It should dissolve in water
There are 20 different amino acids in the proteins that make up the tissues of living organisms. The primary difference between these amino acids is in their
R or variable groups
A chemist wishes to make an organic molecule less basic. Which of the following functional gorups should she add to the molecule?
Which of these is not a formula for a monosaccharide
Which of these statements is false concerning the caroteniods?
They are hydrophilic molecules.
A biological molecule with six carbons, five hydroxyl groups, and an aldehyde or ketone group is classified as a(n)
The difference between a hexose and a pentose is that
a hexose always has six carbons, but a pentose always has five carbons
Plants store excess glucose in the form of ____ in structures called ______.
cellulose; amyloplasts
This functional group is weakly basic because it can accept an H+ ion:
Regulatory Proteins:
control the expression of specific genes
Glycosidic linkages would be formed during condensation reactions that produce:
Analysis of a certain complex compounds shows that it contains phosphate groups, deoxyribose groups, and purines. Based on the information, which of the following is the best description of this compound?
It is DNA
One major function of lipids includes:
serving as hormones
Proteins with alpha helical forms exhibit this property:
The chemical interactions of large hydrocarbons are largely determined by:
their functional groups
Which monomer is incorrectly matched with the corresponding polymer?
Amino acids are used to build polysaccharides
Which of the following are most directly arranged from DNA structure?
In which of the following reactions must the equivalent of a water molecule be added in order to break a bond?
The exoskeletons of arthropods are formed from the structural polysaccharide
Which of the following statements is true of protiens?
proteins lose some or all of their normal activity if their three-dimensional structure is disrupted
Which of these carbohydrates is a disaccharide?