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gotta know
West Side Story
Gangs: blue collar Jets and the Sharks
By: Bernstien
Romeo and Juilet
The Phantom of the Opera
By: Webber
About: The Paris Oprea 1881,Christine Daae falls in love with the Phantom they kiss he is gone and only his mask remains
My Fair Lady
By: Loewe
It is adapted from George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion
By: Webber
Jellicle tribe of cats roams the streets of London
By: Webber
Che Guevara narrates the life story of Eva Peron
The Mikado
By: Sullivan
The Mikado visits the town and forgives the lovers of their transgression
The Sound of Music
By: Rodgers
Maria becomes governess to the seven children of Captain von Trapp
Fiddler on the Roof
By: Bock
Tevye is a lowly Jewish milkman in Tsarist Russia
By: Rodgers
On the eve of Oklahoma's statehood, cowboy Curly McLain falls in love with Aunt Eller's niece, Laurey
By: Kander
Kit-Kat Club in Weimar Berlin
based on Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin