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Respiratory System

Primary functions of respiratory system
gas transport and exchange
What organs make up the upper respiratory tract?
Nose and pharnynx
What organs make up the lower respiratory tract?
Layrnx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs
Function of nose
moisten air, filter air, provide respiratory pathway
Also known as opening of nose
What does respiratory mucosa consist of?
Stuff that helps destory bacteria, psuedostratified clolumnar cells
Function of nasal muscoa and inferior conchae
increase mucosal surface exposed to air, heat and moisten air
What are the three regions of the pharynx
naso, oro, and laryngo
these serve as a common passageway for food and air
oro and laryngo pharynx
what are the functions of the layrnx
voice production, air passageway, switch from air to food
when is the larynx closed?
during valsava's maneuver, coughing, and sneezing
Intermitten relase of expired air while opening and closing the glottis
Determined by length and tension of vocal cords
Depends on the force in which air rushes across vocal cords
Indentation that accomodates the heart in lungs
cardiac notch
Which type of alveolar cells make surfactant
type II
which type of alveolar cells are the main sites of gas exchange
type I