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Cherish Butterfield Mr. Lowe Period 6

Federal Bureaucracy

-Part of the Executive Branch
-Government organizations, usually staffed officials selected on the basis of experience and expertise, that implement public policy
-Hierarchical (Pyramid) organization into specialized staffs
-Still affected by Congress budget and oversight


Can be called upon the Congress and explain stuff


-Cabinet Departments
-Regulatory Agencies
- Government Corporations
-Independent Executive Agencies

Pendleton Act of 1883

-1st Act to deal with Federal Bureaucracy
-employement on the basis of merit and open competitive exams
-Civil Serive Commission to administer the personel service

Rutan vs. Republican Party of Illonois (1990)

(state level) Partisan political considerations as the basis for hiring, promoting or transferring public employees was illegeal; based on merit

Policy Implementors

Develop procedure and rules for implementing policy goals as outlined in legislation

Policy Regulators

Used to control or change private sector conduct
-command and control policy
-incentive system

command and control policy

punish those who do not do comply with the law
EX) FDA-restrict use of transfats in products

incentive system

reward for doing what they want
EX) FHWA-raise drinking age to 21

Executive Branch

-Appoint like minded agency heads
-Issue "executive orders"
-OMB budget

Legislative Branch

-Senate consent for appointees
-Reduced funding for an agency
-Investigative hearings
-Rewrite/amend legislative

Judicial Branch

-through juducial review on whether the bureaucracy has acted within the law and the US Constitution
-provide due process for individuals affected by a bureauatic action


hard to get anything done; gridlock
EX) Homeland Security

Government Coroporations

-provide a service to the public
-charges for that service
-receive government subsidies to keep cost of theservices to the public law
EX) Post Office
EX) Amtrak
EX) Comsat

Independent Executive Agencies

-Federal agencies that are not part of the Cabinet Structure
-Set by Congressional statues
-Defines the goals of the agency
-Set its power of rulemaking
-Ruled by Commissions, Boards or Panels


-5-7 members
-appointed by the president
-approved by the Senate

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