125 terms

Damaso 1-125 vocab + part of speech

acquiesce v
to submit or give in to
adage n
a wise saying
adulation n
excessive admiration
affluence n
affront n
a challenging insult
alacrity n
eager and cheerful readiness
allegory n
a symbolic narrative
amity n
friendship/ goodwill
anachronism n
something out of place in time
annul v
to cancel
antithetical adj
directly opposed
ascetic adj/n
practicing strict self-denial/ a person who chooses to live a simple life
aspersion n
an injurious remark
astute adj
having keen insight and good judgement
attrition n
a gradual loss/ wearing
atypical adj
aura n
a surrounding quality or atmosphere
avarice n
averse adj
opposed to/ against
baffled adj
benign adj
not harmful/ harmless
bifurcated adj
cut in two
caustic adj
corrosive/ sarcastic/ severely critical
cauterize v
to burn
chauvinistic adj
having a bias towards any group
circuitous adj
roundabout/ indirect
clandestine adj
clemency n
mercy, forgiveness
cognoscenti n
experts in a subject
compulsion n
an irresistible impulse
console v/n
to comfort/ a technological platform
contentious adj
couch v
to put into words
crass adj
craven adj
deplete v
to use up
disconcert v
to frustrate/ confuse
efficacious adj
effigy n
a figure made to represent someone who is disliked
eminent adj
Distinguished/ renowned
expatriate n/adj
(a person who) goes to another country to live and work
exploit v
to take advantage of
fallible adj
capable of making mistakes
feasible adj
feint n
a false or deceptive movement
filch v
to steal/ pilfer
fortnight n
two weeks
gist n
main point/ basic idea
glean v
to gather/ collect
harbinger n/v
a forewarning/ to announce
hasten v
to hurry
heinous adj
utterly bad or wicked
hirsute adj
iconoclast n
someone who attacks established traditions
idiosyncrasy n
a personal peculiarity/ quirk
impeccable adj
impervious adj
incapable of being injured or penetrated
indigent adj
poor/ needy
indolent adj
ineffable adj
not able to be described
inherent adj
inimical adj
hostile/ unfriendly
inimitable adj
too good to be copied
innocuous adj
itinerant adj
moving often
jargon n
vocabulary specific to a group or profession
lithe adj
flexible (body)
macabre adj
mausoleum n
an ornate tomb
mitigate v
to make less painful or severe
morose adj
gloomy/ dejected
mundane adj
myriad adj/n
novella n
a short novel
ominous adj
foreboding/ threatening
omnivorous adj
consuming everything
onerous adj
burdensome/ oppressive
ostentatious adj
paltry adj
having an insignificant amount
panacea n
a supposed perfect cure
paragon n
the finest example
pathological adj
related to disease
paucity n
a scarcity
penultimate adj
second to last
perennial adj/n
yearly/ a yearly event or thing
pittance n
a very small amount
plebeian adj/n
pertaining to the common people/ a common people
portend v
to warn of
predilection n
a preference/ bias
preponderance n
the greater part (of)
preposterous adj
absurd/ foolish
prerequisite adj/ n
required beforehand/ a prior condition
prerogative n
an exclusive privilege
primeval adj
original/ ancient
probity n
prognosticate v
to predict
propensity n
a natural tentency
prosaic adj
commonplace/ dull
proselytize v
to persuade to change from one belief to another
protrude v
to stick out
relic n
an object kept for its age or historic value
renaissance n
a rebirth
rustic adj
relating to the country side
salient adj
most significant
savory adj
tasty/ salty
score n
twenty years
stoic n/adj
(a person who is) indifferent to pleasure and pain
subdue v
to put down by force or intimidation
superficial adj
sycophant n
a kiss-up/ flatterer
tacit adj
understood without being openly stated
taciturn adj
silent/ reserved
tangible adj
tantamount adj
equivalent in value
tentative adj
ubiquitous adj
umbrage n
urbane adj
refined/ witty/ polite
valor n
venerable adj
worthy of respect
veracious adj
vernal adj
pertaining to spring
vivacious adj
full of life
wanton adj
Prostrate adj
lying flat on the ground