What are the 6 Pastas at A10?
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What does Rigatoni Look likeTubesWhat's the funny name for Rigatoni's shapeToni TubesHow many Tubes are their in rigatoniA LOT.What type of cheese is mixed with RigatoniGouda CheeseWhat is served with Basil RigatoniGreen Garbanzo, Gouda Cheese, and Lamb Bolognese sauce (GCB)Fill in the blank for Basil Rigatoni: Green Garbanzo, Gouda Cheese, and _____Lamb Bolognese SauceWhat type of Carbonara do we sell?BucatiniWhat is the length of Bucatini Carbonara noodles?Very LONGWhat is the most obvious thing resting on Bucatini Carbonara noodles?60 minute eggWhat is dead smack on Bucatini Carbonara?60 Minute EggWhat is Served with Bucatini Carbonara ?60-minute EGG, Breadcrumbs, and GuancialeFill in the blank for Bucatini Carbonara: 60 minute egg, bread crumbs, and _______GuancialeWhat type of gemelli do we serve?Saffron GemelliWhat is saffron essentially?Spice ColorWhat color is saffron gemelli because of the saffron?Reddish-orangeWhat shape is saffron gemellitwistsWhat is Served with Saffron GemelliCod Roe, Breadcrumbs, and sun dried tomatoFill in the blanks for saffron gemelli: breadcrumbs, sun dried tomato, and _____Cod roeWhat is our only pasta that starts with a P?PapperdelleWhat is the basic shape of papperdelleLarge flat RibbonsWhat is the most evident on Papperdelle that also starts with a PPork Neck (Milk Braised)What is served with PapperdelleMilk Braised Pork Neck, padron pepper, and tomato. (PPT)Fill in the blank for Papperdelle: Padron Pepper, Tomato, and _______Milk Braised Pork NeckWhat is our most expensive pastaLobster OrecchietteWhat type of Orecchiette do we sell?LobsterWhat is dead smack in the middle of our orecchiettea LOBSTER (claw or tail)What is served with Lobster Orecchiette?Gruyere, Garlic, and breadcrumbs (GGB)Fill in the blank for Lobster Orecchiette: breadcrumbs, garlic, and _____GruyereWhat pastas are served with breadcrumbs?Saffron Gemelli, Bucatini Carbonara, Lobster Orecchiette