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Western and Eastern--1589-1715//1740

independent farmers: a. lead the peasant village and employed landless poor
b.withheld grain from the market to resell
c. were in accord with the Pope to sell only a percentage to the common folk
d. lived only on the outskirts of the country


Women took the lead in peasant revolts on bread prices because:
a. Men had to work all day.
b. Their role as mothers gave them some impunity in authorities' eyes.
c. They were less likely to have been infected by the bubonic plague.
d. all of the above


2 Economic and/or Demographic crises of the seventeenth-century states?

1. Climate change--people don't get the bread they need/demographically, people die off
2. Industry suffered--food prices soared, and wages stagnated/economic

In this time of economic/demographic hardship, absolute monarchies gathered all power under their personal control while Dutch/English rulers:
a. were obliged to respect laws passed by representative institutions
b. reached out to the people and individually assisted them
c. governed solely with the help of the politiques
d. Consulted the Assembly of Notables when they needed help


Which of the following are NOT examples of absolutist states in the 17th century?
a. France
b. Russia
c. England
d. Various areas of Central Europe


Which of the following was NOT a problem with the non-centralized states in the 17th century?
a. There were several different languages among the states.
b. It was impossible to tax the population effectively.
c. Peasant revolts became very out of hand.
d. Rulers lacked information about their realms.


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