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What are the OSI Model Layers?

Data Link

Physical Layer

Layer 1
Cable, Ethernet, hubs

Data Link Layer

Layer 2

Network Layer

Layer 3

Transport Layer

Layer 4

Session Layer

Layer 5
Maintaining Connections

Presentation Layer

Layer 6

Application Layer

Layer 7
the service in the background that allows connection / sharing of files


Connection Oriented Protocol



What was the basis behind the internet?

Transmit Data / DARPA

Is Data Communications included within telecommunications?


The Internet is the _____________ Network


WAN stands for

Wide Area Network

MAN stands for

Metropolitan Area Network

LAN stands for

Local Area Network

SMTP is what?

The application behind the email - Incoming

POP3 is what?

The application behind the email - outgoing

TELLNET & SSH are used for..

Remote Access

Digitization is..

The process of transcribing data into binary form is

Proprietary is..

A technology or product that is copyrighted and not available for use without some type of fee or payment to its owner is

Closed Architecture Technology is..

A technology that does not permit competing technologies to directly interface or interact with it is

Who were mainframes mostly used by

Goverments mostly used what

Open Architecture is..

What enables the user of technologies that are conversant across platforms

An Infastructure is..

A Roadway..
It conveys data from one location to another

The internet is a great network of networks based upon...

A common architecture

What version of the internet do we use today

Internetworking Protocol Version 4

What is the next version of the internet

Internetworking Protocol Version 6

What is a Pervasive Technology

A technology so commonly used that it is taken for granted within a society is referred to as what

What is a famous example of a commonly used pervasive technology?

The traditional telephone system is an example of what technology

Telemetry is what

The wireless transmission and reception of data for the purpose of remotely monitoring environmental conditions or equipment parameters

What is Telemetry used with (examples)

Mobile Robots, Satellites and Space Probes

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