CSCI multiple choice pt 1 final

A pocast is an adio file that is distributed through downloads or the use of a feed, such as ______.
Web Site
A(n) _______ is a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser.
A ______ is a collaborative Web site that can accessed and edited by anyone who wants to contribute to it.
A(n) _______ is client software that displays Web page elements and handles links between pages.
Web protocol standard

In the URL in the accompanying figure, http is the _______.
Web server name

In the URL found in the accompanying figure, is the ______.
_______ is the most frequently used HTTP method.
_______ is the protocol that works in conjuction with TCP/IP to get Web resources to your desktop.
HTTP is classified as a _____ protocol because it maintains no record of previous interactions and handles each request based entirely on information that comes with it.
When your browser fetches pages and graphics to form a Web page, it stores them in temporary files on your hard drive called a Web ____.
A(n) _____ application is a program that extends a browser's ability to work with file formats.
HTML conversion utility
A(n) ____ adds HTML tags to a document, spreadsheet, or other text-based file to create an HTML document that can be displayed by a browser.
HTML script
A(n) is a series of instructions that is embedded directly into an HTML document that instruct the browser to carry out specific actions or to respond to specific user actions.
all of the above
server-side can be written using _____.
HTML ____ are typically used to collect shipping and payment information during checkout at an e-commerce Web site.
ActiveX control
A(n) _____ is a complied computer program that can be referenced from within an HTML document, downloaded, installed on your computer, and executed within the browser window.
Some search engines use a program called a Web _____ that combs the Web to gather data that is representative of the contents of Web pages.
Search engine ____ software is designed to pull keywords from a Web page and store them in a database.
query processor
A search engine's _____ looks for your search terms in the search engine's indexed database and returns a list of relevant Web sites.
Often, Web page authors include a(n) _____ keyword in a header section of a Web page when it is created to describe the page contents.
Keyword stuffing
When a Web page author includes meta keywords, like "sex" and "money", that have little to do with the information on the page, the author is engaging in _______.
Keyword ____ is an unethical practice in which meta keywords are manipulated to gain high relevancy rankings.
The _____ wildcard character allows a search engine to find pages with any derivation of a basic word.
your name
When you use a search engine, it stores all the following information about your query EXCEPT _____.
When you purchase a used digital camera directly from the owner on an online auction, you are participating in _____ e-commerce.
_______ e-commerce involves one enterprise buying goods or services from another enterprise.
______ e-commerce occurs when businesses sell to governments.
A ____ as overlays the content on a Web page, sometimes obscuring it until you click the ad or its timer expires and the ad disappears.
Both SSL and its successor _____are protocols that encrypt data traveling between a client computer and an HTTP server.
all of the above
Which of the following technologies are used to create a secure connection between a client computer and a Web site?
Web pages that provide a secure connection start with httpx: instead of http:.
P2P (person to person)
Paypal is an example of a(n) ______ payment system.
message header
In an e-mail message, such as the one found in the accompanying figure, the recipient's e-mail address and the message subject are found in the ______.
Most e-mail software has an HTML option. If the recipient of your HTML e-mail does not have HTML-compliant e-mail software, your message will be delivered as plain, unformatted ______ text.
To include a third party on an e-mail message to someone without informing them of the third party recipient, you should ______.
Compression program
Before sending a large attachment in an e-mail, you can use a(n) _____ to shrink it.
It is not appropriate to be ______ in a message.
POP (post office Protocol)
______ temporarily stores new messages in your inbox on an inbox on an e-mail server. When you request your mail, it is download and stored on your computer.
IMAP (Internet messaging Access protocol)
______ is similar to POP, but it gives you the option of downloading your mail or leaving it on the server.
To use POP e-mail you must install e-mail _____ software on your computer.
_____ e-mail stores your e-mail messages on a server, where you have less control over who can access them.
All of above
Which of the following may pose a threat to your computer's security and/ or your privacy?
_____ software is a type of security software designed to identify and neutralize Web bugs, ad-serving cookies and other types of malware.
Flash_____ can collect and store personal data, such as a user's process in a game.
Web bugs
Junk e-mail messages may use ____ to monitor the number of people who view the e-mail. The data is collected and sometimes used to determine the direction of marketing campains.
A trade-off to the anonymity offered by anonymous _____ is that they tend not to operate at the same speed as your regular browser.
Spam filter
A(n) ______ is a type of utility software that captures unsolicited emails before they reach your inbox.
______ Schemes redirect users to fake sites by poisoning a domain name server with a fake IP address.
An e-mail scam designed to persuade you into revealing confidential information by replying to an e-mail is called ______.
Amelia and Mark
the server closes it socket and the browser closes its socket
All of the above
What type of information does Jessica find Web sites typically store in cookies?
Use an anonymous proxy service
Jessica has an always-on connection to the Internet.
50 KB
Melissa should limit her size to what?
Melissa wants to save some time and send her resume to all the human resources offices of her target employers at one time.
Melissa checking her email all over the world.
Elizabeth has to conduct a series of Internet searches to collect information for a number of research papers she is writing.
quotations marks
For the next search, she wants only Web pages containing the complete phrase "Mars exploration." Which search operator should she use to formulate her query?
A step-by-step process by which numbers are manipulated is a(n) ______.
The type of manual calculator first used in ancient Rome, Greece, India, China, and Japan is called a/n ________.
Mechanical calculator
A calculator that implements instructions autonomously is a(n) _____.
de Colmar's Arthmometer
The first mass-produced calculator was the _____.
controlling colors and patterns of yarn
Punched cards were first used for ______.
The U.S. Census Bureau held a competitioin to find a way to tabulate the 1890 census. The Hollerith Tabulating Machine won. The company is now known as ______.