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a leader who seems enthusiastic and shows thy are emotionally involved witha project or idea

emotion learning style

a "just facts" approach. when you present things logically

logic leearning style

being afraid to fail, not paying attention to details, and not listening to others

what are three pitfalls for leaders


what lessens a leader's credibility


Fortune magazine rates what as the top management skill for success?

That we may hear twice as much as we speak.

what does the following mean: "Nature has given us one tongue, but two ears"?

1. explore, think ahead of the speaker
2. analyze, consider carefully what's being said
3. review, take advantage of spare listening time for review
4. search, be aware of hidden meanings

Lise some effective listening strategies. (EARS)

repeat the name two or three times, relate name to something familiar, develop a determination to remember the name

what are three things we cn do to remember people's names when we're intorduced?

appreciative listening

when we really enjoy listening to a a song, wha type of listening do we use?

when we want to single out one sound in a noisy environment

discriminative listening

"my eyes glaze over"

MEGO Syndrome

to repeat in one's own words


decreased hand activity, increased face touching, stiff and rigid posture, increased body shifting.

what does a person do when they are lying?

the smile

what is the universal gesture recognized around the world?

eye contact

what signals show interest in what someone is saying?

1.5-4 feet

what is the distance of American's personal space?

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